What's Up with East Valley?

Someone on Craigslist said they had been to East Valley Sunday looking for a kitten and there were none.

Then there was a listing today that New Dawn Pet Rescue got a call yesterday from Maria at East Valley saying they were overrun by kittens and they were going to start killing them soon.

So what is the story? Did the Sunday visitor get the wrong information?

I just now looked at the list of kittens available at East Valley and there were only 9 kittens.

What's up? Where did the kittens come from between Sunday and Monday, and where are they now? Have they all been adopted?

Here are the two Craigslist listing, both listed today. One was about a visit to the shelter this past Sunday, and the other about receiving a call that EV was overun on Monday. The second listing from New Dawn stated 16 kittens were availble. This is West Valley and therefore of special interest to me. The listings:

Date: 2008-05-13, 2:44PM PDT

1) I was there on Sunday looking for Kittens, they didn't have any, now I hear they are over run with kittens, so many they are going to be put to sleep? In 2 days? I'm shocked.

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-13, 1:51PM PDT

2) Hi everyone. I got a call yesterday from the East Valley Animal Shelter, telling me that they are up to their eyeballs in kittens. Maria (one of the shelter employees) over the phone told me that "it's an emergency" and that they are going to start euthanizing soon, because they simply don't have room for all of them. So I took 16 BABY kittens from them.
Three different litters. None have their Moms, but all are eating wet food on their own. They're all using the litter box, too. I have black & white ones, grey ones, grey & white, tabby, tabby & white, and one orange one. They are all very cute and very sweet. $55 adoption fee per kitten to make sure they go to good homes.
Please send an e-mail to NewDawnPetRescue@yahoo.com I will send you a short adoption application. First come, first serve (upon approved adoption application). Please also include in your e-mail a day and time that you would like to come meet them. Thank you so much for your interest in adopting a rescued kitten!
The photo above was of 3 on her listing. Please adopt.


Anonymous said...

Orphaned kittens come in with no mom. They can't be adopted out until they are 8 weeks old unless they are adopted with mom and litter mates. They can only be fostered under 8 weeks. If there are not enough fosters, they kill them before the five day hold because no one can feed them. People who dump kittens always say they found them if they didn't. If they say they are their own kittens, they have to pay to dump. If they said they were surrendered, the public could adopt them in a day if they were over 8 weeks. If they're strays, they must be kept five days before adopting out to public.

If someone wants a kitten, even under 8 weeks, agreed to bottle feed it as a solo. When it's 8 weeks old, just keep it. In fact, take two kittens. The shelter employees should be telling the public to bottle feed them. They should give instant classes. It's so easy to show someone how to feed and potty a kitten.

Anonymous said...

"None have their Moms, but all are eating wet food on their own. They're all using the litter box, too. I have black & white ones, grey ones, grey & white, tabby, tabby & white, and one orange one. "

Yeah...I think the black and white ones (there were three) may possibly be the ones that I posted on Craigs for the rescues to go out to East VAlley and pull.

They are just precious! About three weeks old. No mom. They were pulled by a rescue as soon as they were dropped off by a couple who left three and kept three....

Couple refuses to s/n and won't allow someone to help. The mom is going to get pregnant again in a jiffy if she isn't already, and the next litter will be dropped off again.

This time, the unweaned babies were fortunate. They were gone overnight. A rescue pulled them right out. The computer doesn't tell which rescue adopted them. We only know it's a rescue who pulled them.

Lots of them get fosters, but not all....so terribly sad when the idiots won't s/n even with help.

The people who dropped them off gave a false name and address. They didn't want to give an ID. I think they were illegal.

The kittens were taken right off their hands anyway. They had traveled around with the couple all day in a paper bag, while they did their errands and then decided to drop them off. The kittens were already hungry at noon, and didn't make it to the shelter until later in the evening.

They said they were going to give away the other three black and whites...to just anyone.

If New Dawn rescued these black and white babies, I am so grateful. They would have died at the hands of the people who finally decided to drop them off when I couldn't take them. They were feeding them milk. Their tummies would have exploded.

Anonymous said...

The kittens were probably not available for adoption at the shelter because they were too young to be fixed. Are they fixed now? I don't think so. Any legitimate rescue will spay/neuter kittens before they are adopted out.