Obama---I'll bring change! I thought of it first.

Palin--I'm a fighter and I'll bring change! Look what I did on the PTA in Dipshit Alaska.

McCain--I changed when I was a war hero prisoner who stood up to constant, unrelenting torture, and trust me to bring you change too.

Biden--show me your change.

Notice all the candidates are really pretty vague about what they'll change.

Obama laid out a vision without details. McCain didn't bother with a vision. Palin had no vision at all, she was PTA.

Three lightweights, but better than last time with wussy Kerry and Edwards, vs the Moron and the Devil.

And, believe it or not, the Republicans might win again.

Only in America.


Anonymous said...

I think McCain made this joke of a pick for a running mate just to mock us because the Repugs know they'll steal this election, just like they did the last two times, no matter what dumb ass he picks.

Heaven help us!

Anonymous said...

Wish we had someone like Pat Paulsen to vote for. Then at least we could walk into that voting booth this coming November with a smile and a laugh =)

For those who don't remember:
Pat Paulsen for President


Anonymous said...

To poster number one: You are right, the Repubs DID STEAL the Gore/Bush election.