Apparently the Killing has begun big time

For the past few months there have been 1100 dogs, 1000+ cats and 1100 others in the shelters almost all the time. For the past few weeks, the number is down for cats and others. I think Boks is refusing a lot of cats and others. Officers never round those up. Dogs they do round up. I predict cat and other intake to be way down for August. Of course another reason the numbers may be down is that a lot of cats have been killed.

Dog (1082)
Cat (694)
Other (514)

Two weeks ago Boks said he would kill all bunnies that have been in the shelter longer than a month. Now about the annex cats. No one can see the annex cats. It's just a holding place before they die or are killed.

An email received this morning:

Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 9:12 PM Save the Annex Cats!! - All are RED LISTED!!

The Annex has some very sweet kitties! Unfortunately they are not seen by the general public! They have almost no chance of getting adopted! I can't take them to the Main SLA Shelter because there is no room for them! All these kitties are just wonderful, sweet, friendly, playful luv-dolls!Every single cat listed here is R E D L I S T E D ! ! !

A896046 "Sandy", mom w/ 5 kittens (about 2 weeks old) Sandy is all black and lotsa loooooooooooooooong! She takes good care of her babies and doesn'tmind if I need to handle or move them. She loves attention and scratches behind the ear.

A874080 Queenie" F 3 yrs. is a gorgeous blue tabby who wants to be a silver tabby. I think she *may* be pregnant.

Another sweet girl who craves attention! "Nisa" F 4 months brown tabby, I don't know what else to say that I haven't already said. ALL my kitties are just so darn cute and friendly!

A888178 "Jade" 3 yrs. black Poor jade had 3 kittens but they got sick and died. She is doing well and enjoys my company.

These two kittens are sick and under medication:

A887474 "Harry" M 5 months, black Harry has a mild URI and is on medications. An adorable little boy who sometimes goes for shoulder rides. A888599 "BooBoo" M 4 months brown tabby BooBoo has a problem with his ear, possible ear infection? He is on medication but he doesn't let that stop him from playing hard and just enjoying life.

These extraordinary felines can be euthanized at any time. Does anyone have room for any of them? I do not have photo capability.
SLA Annex Shelter. Phone: 213-485-1120. New email address:

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Anonymous said...

Under Ed Boks, cats have always been screwed.

It's sickening.