Boks at Maricopa County

An anonymous email was forwarded to me as follows. It was not very well written so I abstracted the essence. The full email is below my summary. I have no idea if any of this is true or a fabrication to destroy Boks.

Prior to Ed's sneaky "No Kill" sell, the contracts for the cities in the metropolitan areas were up for renewal. This allowed any other qualified organizations to bid with each individual city. At that time, the Arizona Humane Society, under the superb leadership of Ken White, and also located here in Phoenix, was a big contender for the contracts.

There was a bid out for someone to run maricopa animal control. Boks was the director at the time. He knew people and potential contractors would be interested in bidding if licensing revenue was as high as it was normally. So, he reduced licensing income by not taking renewals or issue new licenses. This made other people not want to bid on the contract. Boks knew he'd probably be fired if the shelter system were taken over by the Arizona Humane Society.

Then Maddies Fund comes in and offers spay and neuter funds if all shelters agree to mass spay and neuter efforts. Two groups didn't want to do it for valid reasons. Boks then used the media to trash those two groups. One was the Arizona Humane Society. Boks just trashed Ken White, the Director, every chance he could. White is actually a good guy and is now the Director in San Francisco Peninsula.

The email writer also said that Boks did not invent the New Hope program. It was there before he worked there but he takes credit for it. Boks wanted the Maddies Fund money but wasn't a 501 3c, so he started a shelter support group that was a 501 3c, like he did here.

He got apiece of land from the city and built the adoption center. He told everyone all over the world that it was the first no kill shelter anywhere. (Take a look at Ed's blog. In his bio section he says just this.)

Maddies Fund and Best Friends spread the news far and wide. They made Boks a star.

Of course it wasn't a "no-kill shelter," it was and is an adoption center only. If animals weren't adopted, they went back to the real shelters and were killed.

The email in its entirety
I thought I might share our experiences in Phoenix, AZ. The birthplace of Monster Ed and his outrageous ideas and his even more outrageous presentations of it to our Metropolitan area. MaricopaCounty Board of Supervisors, and the County itself created this misdirected moron, allowed him to keep his own budget by agreeing to not ask for any monies from the county, but instead to be self sufficient.

Prior to Ed's sneaky "No Kill" sell, the contracts for the cities in the metropolitan areas were up for renewal. This allowed any other qualified organizations to bid with each individual city. At that time, the Arizona Humane Society, also located here in Phoenix, was a big contender for the contracts, and under the then superb leadership of Ken White, was researching the past six months revenue from Ed's kitty to see if it would be worth the commitment contractually for the long haul.

Interestingly enough? During this research, County residents,, rescue organizations, and other shelters were having an alarming issue with license renewal and updating Rabies vacc info. This was an ongoing issue over many months, and interestingly enough we all were advised that updating info was approximately six months behind schedule.

By stopping renewals, new issuances, and Rabies fees, the numbers dropped drastically and didn't show the true revenue. This in turn discouraged several of the organizations to take the leap. However, one very industrious individual saw through this numbers game and reached out to some of the most recognized local rescue orgs for support.

Now right on the heels of the six month stint, and the numbers game,came an organization we are all probably familiar with now..."Maddies Fund". Ed's free ride to the MoooooooooooN!
Maddies Fund stipulated in their grant that in order for 501c3's to receive access to what seems like an unlimited supply of cash flow, all the big rescue groups in theMetro area had to be on board and in agreement with Maddies Funds Mission Statement.

Two key organizations here in Phoenix were NOT on board with MaddiesFund and a lot of pressure was put on the bigger of the two not only by rescue, but by Ed Bok's (whom does not have a 501c3 non for profitorganization by which to access Maddies Fund) whom publicly attacked Ken White on many occasions in any and every newspaper or media source that would listen and print it.

Ed most certainly seemed to have many of these sources in his pocket. He basically would rail on Ken every chance he could, and poor Ken got one shot at responding to him publicly. And it was a most superb response.

You can find all these articles archived at I know that Ken's response was published in the Sunday Edition of Viewpoints. I believe the speal was My Turn or something like that. I cant recall how many years ago this was, but if you were to research to see when Ken went to the SPCA in SF Peninsula area, it would be prior by no more than six months.
Ed slammed Ken in many local papers, the New Times being one that allowed Ed to play dirty in the sandbox, and disallowed Ken to have a voice. Coalition All Breed Rescue of AZ was the other org opposing Maddies Fund and for many of the same principle reasons that Ken White was also opposing it.

Mainly it was a numbers game for Maddie, they only granted money for spay and neuter, and one of the brilliant ideas was to hold a S/N day at one of our major arenas (America West to be exact) and sterilize em all! Our concern focused on the actual individual dog and any underlying health issues, concerns or complications because there was no concern for the actual welfare of THAT dog. Only that it was part of the overall numbers.

A group called CABRA fought hard against the pressure to acquiesce, and most certainly against the attacks of Ed and his unsuccessful attemptto banish them forever from not only the New Hope Partnership Program (CABRA President Kathy Painter was one of the driving forces behind the conception, design and implementation of original the New Hope Partnership) and it was being utilized prior to Ed's reign.

So while Ed has everyone attacking Ken White, others and the AZHS from every angle, he is also forming a non for profit 501c3 org, a spin off of his revenue generating shelter (that will never qualify for grant money from Maddies) and in true Ed form, he dubbed it Friends of MCACC.This is how Ed got the grant monies out of Maddie's.

Now Maddies goal is of course No Kill by 2012 (?) ish, and once again in true Ed fashion, he finagles a pretty lil piece of property on some acreage that used to be an old DMV or something, lots of green green grass and large shady trees.

He dubs it the Adoption Center. An off site Disneyland variety that makes it easier for the public to visit as itskips the sad abused abandoned neglected stinking rotten noisy chaotic parts that keep the right types of adopters away.

Once again,( in true Ed fashion) he debuts his off site "Adoption"center NO KILL. Maddies Fund will certainly love that, and it makes the public feel all warm and fuzzy.
Just be sure not to mention those dogs at the Adoption center that take longer to be noticed, get sick, or develop behavioral issues get transported back to the shelter (about ten minutes away) to be killed.

Of course none of us in the rescue end of things buys this load of crap he is feeding the public, and the media just takes his every word as gospel and continues to report inaccurate info to the public.

The Adoption Site was just that, a showcase you might say, but it was never a shelter. There were no intakes there, no stray status, nada zip, all that was done prior to arriving at the "Adoption" site.

We all used to just laugh and laugh at NY for being so naive and stupid to eat Ed's bullshit, and many of us celebrated in true style and fashion after his departure here. So NY finally figured it out, it was certainly costly in many ways to them, and they fired his sorry ass.

But LA, like NY previously, didn't heed the warnings, or research carefully enough, for they fell into his bullshit trap too.
As I said, this was emailed to me by someone else who removed all the personal information of the original writer. All of this could be a complete fabrication to hurt Ed for all I know. So take it with a grain of salt.
However, the person who email it to stated he/she had 4 independent verification sources.


Anonymous said...

I don't find this stunning at all. There's nothing that doesn't sound true or surprising. Same old Ed. It's unfortunate that L.A. was suckered into believing all the self-promotion that Ed does for himself. I guess it pays to hire a personal PR person.
Now that we all seem to finally realize the scammer this guy is, can we please replace him with a competent GM???

Anonymous said...

Ed pays journalists to write these articles about him. He pays them to lie to the public. Generally he'd sucker a donor into fronting the $2,500 to $5,000 bill for one of his paid journalists to write these articles. Perhaps someone should post the names of these fake journalists who are actually just paid press release writers. These unethical journalists have lined Boks' pockets at the expense of the animals' lives. Boks is a fake.

Anonymous said...

that's no revelation. that's all common knowledge. everyone in arizona knew he was a fake because they saw what was going on at the adoption center. the only way boks can make any shelter no kill is just by juggling the books and refusing animals.

Anonymous said...

Ken and the other groups who were against Maddie's fund were viciously attacked by Ed. Here's one article. article

Anyone ever notice that Maddie's Fund failed Maricopa? Euthanasia is up since it started in 2002/03. It was at 51% then and now it's way up. Maybe Ken and the others were right, ya think? Maybe they didn't deserve to be attacked. Boks sure launched a vicious campaign, as nasty as the campaign he has personally launched against his detractors today. He loves to smear anyone who does not kiss his ass.

Muzika, post this. The code will turn out fine.