Boks Illegally denying Requests for Public Records

So many people smell so many rats in anything related to Ed Boks and LAAS, that because the department allegedly has received an excessive number of Requests for Public Records, they are now refusing to respond--illegally.

Brad Jensen has submitted a RPR that asked for a list of those who have submitted RPRs to LAAS since Boks became GM, to determine if there was excessive redundancy in the requests and what "excessive" means.

I'd like to know too. I made a RPR in March of 2006 and never got a response. At that time I was looking to see if anyone was trying to get any emails sent between Boks and myself.

I understand the department and Dov Lesel routinely ignore such requests. Mr. Jensen was lucky he got any response at all to his requests for impound data that led me to charge the department with alleged Hayden violations. Of course, since then--and it has been lots of months--his requests have fallen on deaf ears.

(I had thought of doing a request of the records Ed generated during their alleged investigation of the hundreds of records involved in answering my charges of Hayden violations. I knew they had the data because Ed said they generated it after my allegation. But I didn't because I didn't have the time to do a proper analysis.)
This is especially troubling as Boks's statistics on impounds and dispositions have become so weird that it is a full-time job just to guess at how he arrives at his figures. We just want to understand what has happened to the missing animals, such as the 291 missing neonates from May and June.


Jeff de la Rosa said...

Here's the email thread of my most recent request for records.


Ross Pool
date Aug 5, 2007 2:48 AM

subject Re: Update on overdue requested documents

Mr. Pool,

Today I received a small portion of the documents and other items-- and information which I requested beginning in September 2006.
In her accompanying letter, Ms. Barth incorrectly states that my request was made on July 14. My most recent request was made on July 17, which was only a 4th request for the same information which I requested on July 5. Below I have made notes (in bold italics) regarding what has been received, is incomplete or has not been received.

On 7/17/07, Jeff de la Rosa wrote:

To repeat, I am requesting the following:
1. Stu's vet records from September '05 to present. These are computerized I assume and only require printing and mailing.

Records end 2/2007. Mr. Boks has said that Stu is checked weekly if not more frequently, yet there are no records from February 2007 to present. Please send ASAP. This request is now months overdue.

2. Stu's shelter records showing alleged acts of aggreesion from September 2005 to present.

No records received.

3. Stu's lab report from Greene Animal Hospital from 2006. Request is now 18 months old.

No records received.

4. Stu's records of exercise, feeding schedule, alleged flea and cough treatments per Mr. Boks 7.2.07 "Update to Commission"

No records received.

5. The transcript from Maeve's 3.8.2007 Appeal hearing. No, you have never sent this . Please refer to the California CCP citation in my last request.

No transcript received. Since the you have no doubt prepared a transcript for Mr. Leung's use, I am entitled to a copy of same. Now 19th months overdue.

6. All records pertaining to Officer Perez's visit to my home on the morning I called the Mayor's office to complain about Mr. Boks, public libelous comments on the City's web site.

No statement from neighbor at 1881 Morton Ave. which would contain her version of events. Please send ASAP

Based on what you have sent me regarding Officer Perez's 6/30/2007 trip to my home, the most I can assume is:

On May 8, my neighbor alleged that dog belonging to me "attacked" her while getting out of her SUV, with a baby.
No visit was made to my home until 6/30/07 after a "dangerous animal complaint?'

While you're at it, (but please do not delay anything for this).please compile.
1. All correspondence via email , memos, letters involving Stu and/or Maeve from; or to or from Mr. Boks or to or from other staff and from or to Tia Marie of Villalobos and to or from Ms. Knaan.

No records received.

2 All reports and video, photographs, records etc that relate to Stu.

No records received.

Please advise as to when these records will be sent or give a reason that they will not be sent as is your duty under the California Public Records Act.

Jeff de la Rosa

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On 7/17/07, Ross Pool wrote:


Thanks for the e-mail. The shelter is working on getting all the records together. I am told the request for vet information is a large job. As soon as I get it, hopefully this week, I will send you all the information. As far as the hearing reports for your dogs, I thought we sent them to you. Please let me know. I can copy them again.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Anonymous said...

And you can mention that Rancho Cucamonga is now refusing public records and for years San Francisco has failed to submit their state report that shows their true numbers. And since the numbers cannot be gotten as public record from non profit shelters (they give you what you want to hear to get a donation), then it looks like there is no way to compare or look at these "no kill" shelters to measure success or lack of success. They all read the same book that Boks reads.