Mayeda Goes Ballistic; Calls Boks Out

Mike Bell, little devil he is, passed on my email where I challenged Boks' claim that LAAS was the largest adoption agency in the country, to Marcia Mayeda, who heads the county's much larger shelter system. She just made this press announcement to set Boks and the Mayor straight.

Marcia is no slouch; she did the last three fiscal years and beat Boks heads down on all by all measures.

Marcia did not mention that the county slaughters 250% as many animals as LAAS. Nor, like Boks, explain all the elements of her claim.

PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Marcia Mayeda, Director, 562-728-4610

Yesterday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that the City of LosAngeles’ Department of Animal Services is the largest animal adoption agency in the United States.This claim is inaccurate. The County of Los Angeles’ Department ofAnimal Care places more animals each year than the City of Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles placed 25,279 animals last year, compared to 28,309 animals placed by the County. In the 2005-06 fiscal year, theCity placed 24,515 animals compared to 27,670 for the County. In theyear prior to that, the City placed 24,190 animals and the County placed 28,203.

The County of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Care and Control is the largest animal control agency in the country, serving all unincorporated Los Angeles County as well as 51 contract cities.

“Our staff and volunteers work diligently to place abandoned animals into new, loving homes” stated County of Los Angeles Director MarciaMayeda. “They should be recognized and congratulated for their effortsthat lead the nation in the numbers of animals adopted”.


Anonymous said...

I received a different chart for "Total Animal Adoption in Comparison with Other Major US Cities & Counties" than the one posted in the Mayor's press release that appears on the LAAS' website.

The chart that I have includes San Francisco & SF SPCA, Maricopa County (AZ), North Shore Animal League, and Los Angeles County.

Now why do you supppose these four cities do "not" appear in the Mayor's press release?

Additionally, this is not an independent survey or research done by an outside agency. Anyone can publish anything now and have it considered fact? Is Ed Boks' ego so grandiose that he needs to dole out a "title" to the City of Los Angeles as "most adoptable"?

The quotations made by Ed Boks in the press release need to go straight to the Public Safety Committee for those five (5) Council Members to review. Mr. Boks described his "great success story." OOPS!! Looks like the City of Los Angeles won't be needing mandatory spay/neuter after all if he could receive such results "without" MSN.

Anonymous said...

That is such a good point made in the first comment.

Obviously Boks started feeling the way he probably started feeling at his previous jobs just before he got the boot, so he figured he better start tooting his own horn again, but he is doing nothing but harm for the animals. But what does he care, right?

And Antonio is just proving how out-of-touch he is with the city's problems, especially anything involving homeless animals.