Yaroslavsky's email to Mayeda asking her to Explain Herself

Got this today from Yaroslavsky. Maybe when I get Mayeda's response and my rebuttal, I can send it to Ed Boks for his review and comment:

August 23, 2007

Marcia Mayeda, Director Department of Animal Care and Control 5898 Cherry Avenue Long Beach, California 90805

Dear Ms. Mayeda:

I am in receipt of correspondence from Edward Muzika, Ph.D. alleging fraud being perpetrated within your Department. I have enclosed a copy of his letter with attachments for your information.

I would appreciate your looking into this matter and responding to his concerns at your earliest opportunity. Please provide me with a copy of your response to him.

In advance, thank you for your attention to this request.


ZEV YAROSLAVSKY Chairman of the Board Supervisor, Third District

Well, Zev got it a little wrong, I didn't say a fraud was being perpetrated within her department, I said she was a fraud and a liar. I'd have to prove fraud was being perpetrated to say it; I just called her a fraud and a liar, which is an opinion.

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