Orlov is Number Impaired, But Boks May Be Doing Something Right.

Rick Orlov Daily News:

Even more telling, perhaps, is the number of workers who have left Boks' department.

The department has 69 vacancies among its budgeted staff of 300 - a significant gap usually not seen in government agencies.


It all depends on whether he is getting rid of deadwood or good people.

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Anonymous said...

The employees left or were fired? If bad people left or were fired, great. I know of three great employees who left and went to county because they pay more. Michele Roache is one of them. I know a few more who are thinking of leaving for the same reason. Dr. Kristo left and went to private practice. She was actually pretty good. Derrick Brown left to go to the County for more money. He did a pretty good job. Dilibero and Heubner out on leave, stress I think because of ADL. We're paying them and they're not working. One of the new vets quit, probably overwhelmed.

When Boks was in NY there was some turnover. That turnover didn't improve things and now he's being sued for discrimination and unlawful termination by one NY employee. Boks fired two employees and hired personal friends.