LAAS Lowers Killing by Refusing Neonates--Ammended

Death in the shelter doubles under Boks.

Interesting statistics for those who are interested or who can understand them.

During the past three months, dog and cat killing decreased by 2,507.

But, neonate impounds dropped 1,536, meaning Boks was not killing them because he was turning them away. He is also refusing feral cats which also decreases impounds. Neonates and ferals have a very high euthasia rate, including 100% for ferals. Since feral cats do not have their own statistical category, we don't know how many were refused. I do know that when I tried to get a trap from them some months ago to trap a feral living under a friends house, I was told they no longer rent out traps.

But 60% of Boks improved kill numbers are not accomplished through any dramatic improvement of LAAS' ability to save animals, but because he simply is not doing his job.

In addition, because of increased crowding, disease and fighting, 271 cats and dogs did not leave breathing. Live in, dead out.

Also, take a look at this. The number of all animals dying in the shelter from disease, injury, etc., has more than doubled since Boks started. From 1,149 2005 to 2,371.

That is, for all animals, not just cats and dogs, the death rate has doubled under Boks.

June 2007 …2,371
May 2006 …1,433
April 2005 …1,149
March 2004 …931

Ed can get award after award, but he is just pushing them out onto the street or letting them die in the shelter from disease, or kill each other in the shelters.

He will whine that no matter what he does, he can’t catch a break. True, we are on to him. No matter what he does, it is not working.

There is an important comment below from a person who works at the Las Vegas shelter who had witnessed increased a huge "died on Premise" numbers at the Lied shelter. Shortly thereafter, HSUS had to kill 1,000 of the animals in one week due to disease outbreak. I posted about this happening in Maybe April on this blog.

Many of us have worried exactly about this, knowing that Ed is playing with fire. However, knowing Ed he will find an excuse for not taking responsibility for preventing an outbreak when it happens.

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Anonymous said...

If the "Died on Premises" numbers are going up, it may mean that the shelter is allowing the animals to die in the cages of disease as opposed to putting them down. If you look at the HSUS report for Lied Animal Shelter in Las Vegas (Animal Foundation), this is basically what was happening. In the compilation report of regional shelter statistics for CY2005 published by the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society in Nov, 2006, we pointed out the high rates of DOP while euthansia rates remained the same. When HSUS sent out a request for comments before coming out to review the shelter in February, 2007, we submitted our concerns about these Died on Premises (DOP) to HSUS pointing out the extremely high numbers. HSUS went on to identify a number of diseases in the facility that were killing cats and dogs because of lack of cleaning procedures, no vaccinations, etc. and pointed out the DOP rate was way above the Nat'l average. It is extremely important that you identify what may be causing this rate because it is a way for the shelter to hide deaths--since the animals are not euthanized. Lied had a management policy of allowing animals to die as opposed to euthanizing them to maintain a low euth rate. Look at the numbers!!!!!

Karen Layne, Las Vegas Valley Humane Society