My Sources for Shelter Statistics

For those of you who want to check my numbers, the following are the official and unofficial sources by URL.

Notice that you can get nothing out of LA County's Marcia Mayeda without a request for public records. I wonder why.

Maricopa County

New York City:


Los Angles Animal Services

LA County

San Francisco Animal Care (Municipal) and SFSPCA


Anonymous said...

Don't miss the point of the mayor's phony press conference honoring Boks.
Boks has the mayor's support.
Boks will not be fired in the foreseeable future. [And my theory that whoever replaces Boks will have all the same problems; the humane community will turn on him/her and soon you'll be saying "Gee, Boks wasn't so bad after all."] So, get used to Boks being there for a while.

All the statistics you keep re-posting are nearly incomprehensible, but they are definitely 100% BORING! What good are they accomplishing? How many animals are getting homes because you posted some statistics?

A more productive use of your time and energy might be to hold Boks accountable for things like the lack of a real spay and neuter program. What happened to Sam Simon or Best Friends Catnippers using the city's facilities?

Or putting on pressure for more adoption events or getting volunteers working smoothly in all the shelters.

Ask for positive action that will benefit the animals, rather than just acting like the psychotic sociopaths like Zsuzsa and Dr. Jerry and Pam and spewing hateful thoughts. Those people are toxic and no one will pay any real attention to you if you are associated with them.

Remember your honey/vinegar formula.

-- Son of Naysayer

Ed Muzika said...

Re Boks being fired. Boks has embarassed the mayor and ticked off Council and outraged Chick. The How long will his support last?

There are shelter systems making tremendous progress in a short time all over the country. You don't know it because statistcis mean nothing to you or you don't understand them. Or you don't trust them. So how do you compare progress between shelters systems?

The same in the economy; how do you choose good companies from bad unless you have numbers to compare. Within a company, if programs are not providing results in terms of the production statistics, how can they judge; listen to the manager say how well the company is doing without proving it?

Yes we can get good management, but it is always a crapshoot.

Of course anyone who replaces Boks will have the same problems, but Ed isn't able to solve th problems--he likes TV spots better. So, do we keep an inept GM and help him do his job, or find someone who can? Boks has no track record of making substantial change, except in NYC, but even then it wasn't a lot.

Statistics are only boring to those who do not understand them. They show what a horrible job the County is doing and the horrible job LAAS is doing with respect to unweaned kittens, etc. They build outrage in those who do understand what the numbers are pointing out.

Better use of my time? Did I not point out the Eric Jones DMV contract fiasco costing LAAS $1.6 million over 5 years and not getting one free spay/neuter out of the deal? Am I not holding him accountable for not saving neonates? Did I not hold him responsible for not hiring vets? Come on.

Now how am I going to get Ed to do a better volunteer program other than what I have been doing? I harp on it all the time.

The press is paying attention to a lot of us because we have been exposing lies, incompetence, the lack of progress, statistics that prove the failure of LAAS and the County to progress. This is not hatred, it is contempt.

Look, if you can't see the value of statistics, that is your problem, not mine. I am writing to those who can make sense out of data, can think and read.

Anonymous said...

Well, you may be right.
Keep up the good work. Press for real spay and neuter programs, and better volunteer programs. As for my problem with not seeing the value of statistics, I refer you to a higher authority:
"Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."
- Mark Twain