Boksian Figure and Animal Juggling Create Another Paper Success

Boks announces another successful month for LAAS:

July 07 adoptions are up 21% (1,614) from July 06 (1,329). An additional 478 dogs and cats were placed by our New Hope partners in July 07, just a few less than July 06 when 488 dogs and cats were placed.July 07 euthanasia is down 28% from 2,597 to 1866. Cat euthanasia is down 28% from 1,732 to 1,244. Dog euthanasia is also down 28% from 865 to 622. Euthanasia for a twelve month period (August 1, 2006 through July 31, 2007) hit another historic low for dogs and cats, down to 16,585.

What is surprising in that adoptions are up 300, New Hope is down, yet 740 fewer animals were killed.

No mention is made of fosters this month.

This can ONLY beexplained by stuffing more animals into the shelter and refusing other animals.I'll bet when the July stats come out, dog and cats intakes will be down by 700 or more versus last year, and even more neonates will go missing.

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