Monday Ed will present a progress report on the Eric Jones operation at SLA.

Supposedly he performed 600 spay/neuters in May-June. That's 300 a month or 3,600 a year. I though Ed was saying each spay/neuter center was going to perform 10,000 spay/neuters a year.

Questions to ask Ed and Eric:

How much did Jones charge the City for each of the 600 s/n performed for LAAS above and beyond the $320,000 contract fee?

Is the additional $320,000 being distributed monthly, quaterly, etc.?

Did Jones perform any other general vet services to the public and what was the income Jones received from the public?

What amount did the City get--it was supposed to get 10% of Jones general vet income.

How was the request for proposals (bids) advertised? The final contract Jones got looks very different from the one I remember seeing on the table three months ago.

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