The Fine Art of Moral Corruption

Pia, Tia and Eric Jones. What do they have in common?

All had fat, cushy contracts brokered by Boks, two of them operational even before they were approved by anyone, and the third caught by Council before fully operational.

I guess Ed thinks he can buy loyalty. Spread out City money to friends, announce the contracts later and ask forgiveness because he didn’t ask anyone for approval in the first place: No Personnel, not the Commission, not Council.

Personally, the more I know about Ed, the less I like him. To me these contracts are borderline graft.

Pia purportedly is an ex girlfriend and may be able to get Ed a job in the future with all the bucks and people she has and knows.

Who knows what relationship Boks has with Jones. He has the best of the cushy contracts, $320,000 a year and another 3,600 spay neuter surgeries upon which he gives the City a whole 7% discount each. How much does he make? Six hundred thousand, seven, eight, more?

Boks' report said Pia has been working since February. Boks didn't sign her agreement until May 24, three months later, and didn't send it in until June 22. I'm sure he sent this in late so that she'd almost be done with the work before anyone saw the agreement.

Hopefully the commission is now trying to make it so they have to approve of these cushy consulting gigs. Boks is out of control.

So when Boks gets bounced from here, which may be soon, he has a lot of friends bought and paid for with City money, to start his game elsewhere.

I am so happy Ken White is making 150% of what Boks is making at his new job in San Francisco. San Francisco knows how to get good people; they pay them a quarter million dollars a year.

Good people in S.F., Carl Friedman running the municipal side and some good people on the SPCA side.


Anonymous said...

Arrogant prick. This guy just needs to be in politics and leave the poor animals alone! He's a slimeball!

Anonymous said...

Any veterinarian in the world will tell you Dr. Eric Jones is making unheard of money (thanks to the taxpayers!). If we let it be known to vets that the city was giving out ridiculous money for this position, there would have been a lot of takers, that's for sure. This money should be going to hiring more vets. This is just stupid management. It feels like George W. Bush is running Animal Services with all the lying, cronyism and just poor judgment. How did we get here?