Philly Continues to Outperform LAAS

New stats in from Philadelphia show the live release rate for cats and dogs has fallen to about 57% for the second quarter from 66% in the first quarter. Both live save rates are substantially better than for LAAS.

The combined live save rate for cats and dogs for January 1 to June 30 of this year is 60%,again much higher than LAAS' 52%.

Three years ago (2004), the live save rate for Philadelphia was 27%. In 2005, live saves increased to 37% after Winograd, I believe, started his consulting. In 2006, live saves increased to 47% and now they are 60%. Live saves have more than doubled in three years.

In addition,during July,adoptions (1,017) were 50% higher than July 2006 at 34% of the 3,000 inpounds. They have scheduled 24 adoption events during August.

Philly takes in about 25,000 dogs and cats a a few thousand other animals. So they handle about 55% of LAAS impound load and have a live save rate of 60%,compared to LAAS, which has almost 7 times as many employees, seven times the budget and 6 times as much cage/kennel space.

Philly continues to outperform LAAS substantially because of its large volunteer force, lack of civil service restrictions, and good management.

LAAS is beginning to improve but not so dramatically.

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Anonymous said...

How many died in the kennels just like the ones dying in the Boks kennels? Ask the same questions of Philly that you ask of Boks and see what the answers are.