July Stats--Preliminary Analysis

The July numbers for LAAS are in—Except for neonate kittens, where even the June numbers are not up yet.

An analysis for the July numbers:

For cats/dogs: Died in shelter way up (2.5 X), new hope down a little, adoptions up, intake is down, euthanasia is down.

Intake is down 500 cats/dogs, euthanasia down 700, adopted up300. Drop in euthanasia number is equal to the drop in intake, increase in died in shelter and increase in adoption.

Boks basically improved things just by refusing kittens/puppies
though adoptions are still up almost 300. Perhaps because he didn't have to euth cat/dogs to make room for puppies/kittens that just get killed anyway?

The live release rate is down to 51% from 54%. I don't include foster, only released to foster because the fosters are still in the system..Dead release, which is euth and died in shelter is 42%, which is up.
Of course it's July which is a bad month. I'll compare it to last year but I think it's an improvement. Last year was a massacre and Boks is taking in way fewer, and adopting out more.

What is highly unusual is that "adoptions" of neonates is triple last year's July rate. Adoptions of neonates is illegal unless the little is released with their mother. These are not fosters, these are adopted by the public. It could mean that people are bringing in litters and staff is advising them to adopt them instead of fostering, or else the figures are wrong again, and neonates are later reclassified as kittens.

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Numbers from Boks mean nothing. He will always make them favorable to him.