Interesting emails from Ed Boks to Animal Lover--Ammended

As you know, Boks is being sued by the author of my sister blog, LA Animal Lover. She filed a lawsuit against him and he may recently have been retaliating against her by spreading untruths. I don't know that for sure, as Ed never emails me anymore. So, in her own defense, she is posting emails from him to prove she worked on the blog as part of her volunteer services at his direction, including Ed's planned attacks against ADL and going legally after others.

Actually, this is interesting stuff to me, as I was involved up to my eyeballs, but there is a LOT more happening now such as the Mayeda/Boks "snit" with Ed taking on Marcia in terms of who spins better numbers, and the massive improvement in the LAAS kill numbers with no commensurate increase in the live-save percentages.

Impounds are down 2,500 animals over the past 4 months, adoptions are up a few hundred, but New Hope is still down, while died in shelter has more than doubled. When all is said and done, there are fewer bodies coming out of the shelter but not because the euth rate has been cut in half. The number of animals impounded is what is being cut.

In the short term I agree with this policy. If Ed were able to do his job of actually rescuing, treating and adopting animals, I would not say this. But he is not saying this. He is not doing his job; he is doing numbers.

By the way, I talked to some people in Philadelphia who say Philly may do the job this year and the save rate may reach 60%. In 2003, the save rate was 11%.

Given that they have 1/6 the budget and 1/7 the employees of LAAS, that's quite good.

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