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I have limited media contacts. Many of you out there have more than me. In any event, having lots of people contact lots of media is what we need to stop the County.

This was sent to me. I think this is a good alternative approach, "fiscal sanity."

It appears to me that what needs to be done is an all out indirect attack through the media to discredit Vector Control for using "junk science" to validate their positions. What we need is a reasonable/credible public face such as SCA or HSUS to surface the issue in the media focusing not on the slaughter of innocents but on the squandering of scarce tax payer dollars in a time of extreme fiscal duress. If the issue were surfaced as yet another example of bureaucratic waste and abuse in a time of severe financial stress it would get traction in the media especially if it were equated to jobs or services lost.


In a time of extreme financial duress when schools, basic medical care and other county services are being reduced, why is this rogue agency being allowed to squander taxpayer dollars to prevent an esoteric, junk science threat? Every dollar this rogue agency spends on killing stray cats is a dollar stolen away from the every taxpayer in LA County that could go to health care, job creation or education. We are a county in crisis - every dollar counts.

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Anonymous said...

Media exposure is critical in stopping this unjustified extermination of feral cats. Elected officials and those in government office positions cringe at the thought of being caught wasting taxpayers' money. This is exactly what this proposed extermination is doing. The justification is so weak that it is ridiculous. This issue needs to be exposed to the general public. Tax dollars are being wasted.