The Horror That Is Los Angeles County Animal Control-AMMENDED

The following pie chart speaks for itself. Both the raw number of animals and percentages of animals being euthanized in Mayeda's shelters has increased substantially since 2006. The pie chart was constructed by Brad Jensen of Numbers are going up even as this is written:

The pie chart shows a 79% euthanasia rate, and 8.1% "Other." "Other" refers to animals that died in the shelter while under County care from disease or poor care, or that were somehow lost. In effect, we have an 87% kill rate!

There is no other large shelter system in the United States nearly as bad. Los Angeles City now has a kill rate (Euthanized and D.I.S) of 57% while N.Y.C. has cat kill rate of only 37.75%, almost 230% better than County.

The 86% kill applies to all cats impounded, lost strays, owner turn-ins, kittens and ferals. A feral cat is almost impossible to adopt out. The kill rate for ferals is near 100%.

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