Latest Info on Vector Control

I have gotten no official feedback from anyone. I know people are calling Fielding and the Supervisors.

4 cats have been caught and are at Carson. Arrangements are being made to bail them out after blood test results are returned. Apparently Ramirez is now saying the reason for impounding is suspected Typhus. Of course that is why he plans next to go to Harbor Hospital, then two weeks later, Peck Park, and then... If you have suspected Typhus you go immediately, not plan to go sometime in the future.

He needed a cover after being caught on this.

No newspapers called me. No TV or radio.

There is a private company doing the trapping, Stanley Pest Control and we are contacting them about stopping as well as the principal of the school where they are being trapped, to do TNR instead.

That infor is 20 hours or more old. Nothing new since then.


Anonymous said...

Sign the petition against this at

1.The basis upon which this extermination is planned is totally unfounded, unnecessary, and a waste of taxpayers' money.

2.LA County can not be allowed to override a policy in LA City that supports Trap Neuter Return (TNR) of feral cats.

3.What is needed is a campaign to inform the general public about the necessity of spaying and neutering pet cats for population control.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates.. if whoever is bailing them out needs help, let us know.