Someone Asked Me What Can We Do?

Email me and I will send you flyers to run off and distribute at adoption events Sundays at Petsmart, Petco, Centenela feed. Distribute to rescues. Let the public know that ferals are never adotpted. The County kill rate for all impounded cats is 82%.

I have sent all to various media contacts. I was surprised none have contacted me.

As with Ramirez killing squirrels in Santa Monica in 1998, I suggest any traps left by animals services be made ineffective. Go into the parks where the traps are and close them, take the food away. The cats will be safe for one night. Some of us may want to cut the traps with wire cutters to make them inoperable, but I cannot recommend such illegal actions, although I could understand why they would do it.

People did that in Santa Monica in 1998, liberating about half the poison bait stations. When they killed the squirrels again in 2006, they had to station cops all over Palisades Park to keep people from stealing and destroying the live traps. This tied up a lot of cops, animal service people and brought media. This kind of noise would prevent ferals from being trapped during the day.

If traps are thus made ineffective, Animal Services will be forced to stay with live traps which will cut the number they can place out at any time and the number of hours they will be trapping. Even these trapping sessions can be harassed and noise made to prevent the cats going in. Photograph or video the traps being baited and set and post in Facebook or send to me for posting.

Deliberately put a lot of food in the area for the feral cats while they are under threat.

I was successfully able to prevent many neighbors from trapping a colony in Santa Monica indefinitely by just overfeeding the ferals. They never bothered going into the traps despite being loaded with fried chicken and tuna which was not their normal food. Finally, they and the City of Santa Monica gave up trying to trap them. We won that battle.

Organize resistance. Be as discrete as you want. I tend not to be discrete, but that is me. Feed when no one is there. Do it the way you are most comfortable.

Right now they are traping at Imperial School at 12495 Isis Avenue in Hawthorne, and at Del Aire County Park. I'd go tonight and tomorrow, Feed the ferals. Watch this blog for other places they are trapping. I will set up a coordinating blog that anyone can post info about what is happening where if a few people are interested.

The other way is to get a court order to stop them. I have no idea how to do this. They have provided no justification for it, and they will lie to the media when questioned. I am trying to get science experts to call Fielding and the media.

CALL THE SUPERVISORS AND PROTEST! Already many have told me they are going to call Ramirez and complain. But he sort of likes telling people that the killing is necessary and they will do it no matter what you think.


the Lido's Shuffle said...

Hello, my name is Raffi. I am a member of CARE2 and someone there asked me to post this in our news so the public would know-

I noticed that you were requesting certain things be done in the area to thwart this horrific program-this looks like retaliation for what just happened with the law that was pushed back and for what happened with the case against the caregiver a while ago-

I am not in Cali. but MN and we fight desperately here too-they are allowed to shoot ferals on sight here-

If you would like me to put this up-please let me know-we are an organization 11.5 million strong if you do not know about us and we work tirelessly for animals and the environment. I do work with a foster network here that places cats. My mother was one of the pioneers for TNR in Florida years ago.

We have great success with petitions against everything from seal hunting and sharks to animal experimentation. We have some clout. We network with every other social network for causes and we get things done.

I do not want to jeopardize your gameplan. Will wait to hear from you.

Rafi Lido

Ed Muzika said...

Rafi, help us any way you can. email me at I want your advice and help.