Ramirez of County Vector Lies Again

Joe Ramirez now is claiming cat trapping is due to a Typhus outbreak. I guess they are going to adopt out Typhoid carriers from the Carson shelter as per the trapping notice you put up at Imperial School in Hawthorne.

Which is it Joe? Eleven years ago you wanted to kill the feral cats in Palisades Park in Santa Monica because they COULD carry fles that COULD cause pneumonic plague.

Then a week ago you told others that feral cats could be used by terrorists as a disease vector and you were going to go from park to park trapping and killing them.

And in public meeting after public meeting you have told numerous groups of people that all ferals should be caught and killed.

Were you lying then Joe, or now, or both then and now?

My suspicion is that Hawthorne is a test case for them. They want to see if they can get away with it. If there is little response, two weeks from now there will be another park, another school, and maybe another disease or reason to catch and kill the ferals and housecats caught in the trapping.

Fortunately, I have been receiving many phone calls and emails that the rescue community is coming togther on this and are rapidly mobilizing.

A petition to stop the County has been up on the Internet for only 12 hours and already has about 200 signatures.


Anonymous said...

What? Where, when did he say it had to do with typhus? If he thinks those cats have typhus, don't take them to the shelter to infect the rest. They should be treating the area for fleas. It's the fleas that carry typhus.

Anonymous said...

As one of the unfortunate ones who had to have a typhus shot prior to a trip overseas, it is my understanding that there are different kinds of typhus. One spreads from fleas, one from lice and one from mites.

I was recently in touch with the County Health vet. He said nothing about typhus occuring in any feral colony.