Search Opens for new Animal Services General Manager

Los Angeles Animal Services is looking for a new Director to replace Ed Boks who was recently fired by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The exact requirements for the position have not been finalized.

Being the Director of Animal Services is not a job for the faint of heart. It is a demanding job dealing with Union employees, City Hall red tape, a few militant animal activists, rescuers, volunteers and the public. If you think you can effectively and positively lead everyone to work together to save more animals' lives in a humane manner, then send in your resume.

You do not need a college education or degree. The last Manager Ed Boks had no college education or degree at all. You do need to be able to get along with people from all walks of life as LA is a diverse town of animal lovers. If you are a drunk, skirt-chaser, who generates lawsuits and causes controversy, do not apply. LA is not interested in liars who fudge the numbers and books.

We are sending out this notice because the City merely places a tiny ad in some obscure private civil servant website. We want all potential candidates to have a chance to apply for this position in hopes of finding the best candidate. As soon as they post the exact requirements, we will resend this notice with that information.

Please, send resumes to Steve Rivera in the Personnel Department at 
Steve.Rivera [at], cc'd to Jim Bickhart from the Mayor's office Jim.Bickhart [at] May the best candidate become the new Director.

LA's Animal Lovers

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that someone from the personnel department will be handling the recruitment and not the incompetent one from Animal Services. *Russ Core.

Check out Marie Atake's website at or for the latest snafu from aministration.