Vector Control Implementing Final Solution For Feral Cats

This is a notice to suppress feral cats signed by Joe Ramirez's boss, Gail Vangordon. It is 11 months old. I hear it resulted in 150 cats being impounded and 120 killed.

Here, Van Gordon does not even bother to supply any evidence of a disease risk other than it could happen, just as she did with ground squirrels in Santa Monica. Joe and Vector Control may have already been suppressing ferals all over the County and we have not known about it.

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Anonymous said...

Loving that alliteration: fleas, flies and feces. Gail must have danced around singing that one.

As is so frequently the case with County employees (and believe that I know; I work with -- but not for -- Alcohol and Drug Program Administration), they are so out of touch with what is going on in the "real world" that it would be laughable if it weren't so very very sad.

Anonymous said...

Loving that alliteration: "fleas, flies and feces." Gail must have danced around singing that one.

I work with but not for County employees in another area of the Dept of Public Health. As is typical, Vector Control is totally out of touch, yet totally convinced of their righteousness. Desperate to ensure their continued employment and its very, very generous benefits package, they are continually scrambling to justify the need for their positions to remain intact. This, I believe, explains Joe Ramirez's and Gail VanGordon's absurd contentions and their refusal to consider empirical evidence, much less alternative viewpoints, to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Sorry; this is my first time posting, so I didn't know if the first post got sent. If this is the third post from me, please feel free to delete the first one and this one. I will try to do better!

Anonymous said...

Man, if that's true, it's sickening. Killing animals as an invented excuse to keep your County job?

As Jimmy Kimmel said, "It's crazy. There are 15 million unemployed people in America, and Michael Vick isn't one of them."

Hard to believe these two losers who are getting paid our money to make up excuses to kill defenseless animals aren't unemployed as well.

How many people are we paying through the City and County to kill animals for no good reason?