Recent Foster

Got her yesterday. One of four we are trying to
rescue from a drainage ditch that is scheduled to be paved over in Van Nuys. About 6 weeks old. How is that for a relaxed feral kitten less than 3 days out of a ditch?

The other three are harder to get to because we need access and the contractor won't let people in to trap. This one was grabbed through a fence. There is one more adorable Calico, and two pale orange brothers.


Anonymous said...

What an incredibly cute kitten. If I didn't have five already, I'm adopt him. Thanks for saving him.

Anonymous said...

what a cutie! thanks for rescuing her!

SOOOOOOO DARLING!!!!!!!! said...

She is absolutely, most incredibly


You are really an amazing photographer!!!!!!

What a doll! What a model! Queen Baby Face! She is HAAAAPPPY!

Congragulations, Dad! What a Chunck of Looooovie!

Marilyn said...

She is one of the most beguiling kittens I've ever seen. What a cutie! Hope you can rescue her littermates too.

Kittens! said...


I saw a bunch of 6 - 8 week old Kittens hanging out on front lawn, in the
bushes, and under parked vehicles tonite (aprox. 8:45 p.m) at 18612 Rayen St.
betweem Amigo and Baird (Reseda, Northridge area).

I've seen some ear crops on other cats nearby, but this house, or near it, seems
to keep generating lots of kittens. They are really big-eared and sooooo cute!

Can anyone in the area check out this situation? The kittens are all outside
and they are going in and out of the bushes and going underneath the cars and
hanging around next to the tires underneath the cars.

Thank you!