Jimmy on the bridge in Northridge Behind Best Buy

I haven’t written much about Jimmy lately and we have gone to court 4 times as of today and nothing has been resolved. There is an organization, PATH, which has offered Jimmy a permanent place at its shelter in Hollywood. They will also allow him to take 4-5 of his cats. Unfortunately, they will be kept in a large cage inside of one of two rooms set aside for animals of the homeless that live there.

Jimmy has to decide what cats to take and arrange for people to take over feeding of the other 22 cats in the area that he feeds.

In the meantime, because of the bad publicity the Deputy City Attorney Atteukennian, and now Trutanich, have been getting, it is rumored that the Devonshire Police are cooperating with Best Buy’s security company to push Jimmy into some sort of violent confrontation so that felony charges can be brought against Jimmy. This way they can pretend Jimmy is really a bad guy not deserving of public sympathy.

It is legally clear now that Jimmy is living on County property and therefore the original charges of trespassing on private property would be dismissed in trial.

Therefore, again it is rumored that the police want Jimmy out and even want Jimmy to come in and file charges against a security officer who roughed Jimmy up, only so that the security company and Best Buy can charge Jimmy with trespassing.

A few weeks ago, the security company posted signs all around the perimeter of the mall forbidding loitering and trespassing. There is a fire lane around the perimeter of the property that Jimmy has to ride on to get access to his tent. A couple of weeks ago the security company began blocking off that fire access and telling Jimmy he cannot walk or ride in that alley.

Then about 12 days ago, when trying to feed a cat a little way down from his tent just off the alley, he was told he could not be there. The cat was not fed for 3 days. This eventuated in a pushing contest when the guard pushed Jimmy around. Jimmy the next day filed a police report, and the suspicion is now that if he presses charges, the security company will go after Jimmy for trespassing with the cooperation of the police and possibly the City Attorney.

Be clear about this. This is Best Buy’s tactic and their security company, and possibly with the full knowledge and cooperation of the Devonshire police department.

Jimmy wants everyone to know that the security agency may not be collecting income taxes on these guards, is not paying them overtime and is paying them cash and he wants to inform the IRS about this matter. Many guards have worked for months before getting their guard cards. One guard a reporter he was carrying a concealed weapon.

Best Buy is apparently upset with Jimmy because one of the cats walks into the multi-storied parking building attached to their Northridge store.

Be clear, the villains here are Best Buy, the sandwich store next to it, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Hold them responsible. 

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