Where VanGordon and Fielding Live

Several people have expressed an interest in talking to Ramirez, Vangordon and Fielding, especially since they refuse to return phone calls and emails.

Zabasearch lists Gail A. Vangordon, age 62, as living at 9717 Cottonwood Way, Alta Loma, CA, 91737. She lives there with her husband, James V. Vangordon, age 57. It is a 4 bedroom home on a half acre of land. Her office phone is (626) 430-5450. Google maps shows a photo:

Jonathan E. Fielding, age 66, lives at 12735 Hanover St, Los Angeles, 90049 with Karin and Andrew Fielding. This is in the Brentwood area.

His home phone is (310) 394-6040, and another number listed is (310) 451-1785.

Since Dr. Fielding refuses to discuss the County's new feral cat policy with me or anyone else I know, maybe you should call him and talk to him directly. By the way, he does not like people using his private email address: jonathan@drjonathanfielding.com

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