Smith Not Running For Reelection in 2011

Greig Smith announced he is not running for reelection in the West Valley District 12. His very unhelpful assistant Englander announced he will run. Englander is another weekend warrior reserve, law and order, hate Jimmy on the bridge type of person. Anti feral cat I suppose too, but I'll check that.

Let's get Kathy Riordan to run and be the West Valley's Councilmember.

Kathy, run will you?


Anonymous said...

Englander said he did everything to help Jimmy. He said he offered his housing, assistance.... All he did was hand Jimmy a map to homeless shelters which are all full and don't accept people with cats. He then tried to get him moved off the property. Maybe we should round up the sane homeless people in that district and make sure they vote against Englander.

Anonymous said...

As much as I truly believe that Kathy Riordan would make an excellent councilperson, she will never run for office. The daily grind of holding office, let alone campaigning are not for her.

Anonymous said...

It's rumored that Englander's quite the liar. His expertise is campaigning. He probably cut a deal with Smith when Smith was initially running.

I heard that Kathy might do this if they allow for stand ins during the campaign, photo ops and early morning meetings.

Anonymous said...

Hell, if they allow stand-ins for the campaign, photo ops, and early morning meetings I'LL run myself.

None of those things have much to do with doing a good job as Councilman, right? Especially not with helping animals.

I'd vote for Kathy. It'd be a hell of a change to have someone in City government who actually does care about animals, even when a camera isn't pointing at them.