County CEO refers my Mayeda Complaint to the County Auditor

Despite wanting to keep the pressure up on Boks, enough is happening on the Mayeda front to warrant at least a mention.

I just received an email from the County CEO who has referred my complaint against Mayeda to the County Auditor.

Chief Executive Officer

To: J. Tyler McCauley Auditor-Controller


Attached, please find a request from Supervisor Antonovich dated September 5, 2007 requesting an investigation into allegations related to the Department of Animal Care and Control. I would appreciate your investigating the concerns addressed in the attached letter and providing a response to the Supervisor, the Department, and our Office.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or your staff may contact Montessa Duckett at (213) 893-2292 or via e-mail at

I wonder how long it will take them to bury my complaint.


Anonymous said...

They will "investigate" by asking Mayeda how things are going. She'll say "great!" and that'll be that. Look at Laura Chick's investigation into Boks' funny numbers. She told Public Safety to investigate, they asked Boks how he was doing, he said "fantastic!" and that was that. The only think Chick's intervention did was make Boks lie more. City/County government, absolutely worthless. They should contract out all City/County Departments to more effective private organizations who actually give a shit. Then the Mayor can just sit in City Hall all by himself and say "I'm the best!"

Anonymous said...

You mean like contract out animal services to private organizations like Inland Valley Humane Society? Now that's a scary thought.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA
How IVHS compares to other CA shelters