Guess Who All Came to the Boks/Villraigosa Look Good Bust?

Here is a minimalist list of people present at the Animal Cruelty Task Force bust of Ron Mason:

Lt. Troy Boswell
two squad cars and 4 uniforms

at least 2 detectives
at least 4 ACTs
the Animal Task Force
Dana Bartholomew and his photographer
The City Channel 35 media director head and a film crew
Maybe one Veterinarian

Jason Baun, County Health thug

Channel 35 taped the bust and has already shown it once on air. I certainly would like to see that video. His place is horrible looking and smelly, but the cats are well-fed and healthy. There was no animal neglect here. There certainly there were fewer cats sick at Mason's place that percentage wise at LAAS. Dana and the City TV ought to bring their cameras to SLA to see real illness and death.

Boks refused a television interview by KNBC reporter Robert Kavocik because of the overcrowding at EV where the interview was to be held.

There is here a terrible City abuse of power and the sacrifice of one nice guy to make the mayor, the Task Force, the Department and Ed Boks look good. From my viewpoint, all of them have covered themseleves with slime.

By the way, many of the moms have abandoned their kittens at his house since the bust. These kittens need fosters; there are only a few. If course if you take any, you'll probably be busted. They are not feral.

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Anonymous said...

The Department has stated that they believe this man to be a "hoarder." Their website definition of a hoarder is someone with a mental illness. They basically stated that the person suffers from a mental illness. Knowing this, they asked him if they could go on his property, take photos and videos. The guy said "yes" not knowing any better. They took advantage of this man whom they feel is not mentally competent.

If hoarding is a mental illness, a disease, they should have gotten him help. There is free counseling through the City. They could have gotten him on disability, helped him with free medical care, clean up his place, but no. Instead they took advantage of his condition to bust him. They busted him just to generate good press for themselves, at his expense, and the animals.

This guy needs an attorney. The City took advantage of his condition.