Boks Was Fired From New York

It appears that ADL and Annette Stark were absolutely accurate when they stated Boks was fired from Animal Services in New York.

The below was sent to Ed Boks by Gary Kaskel an animal activist suing the Mayor's Alliance:

>From: Gary Kaskel <>>To: Ed Boks <>>Subject: Shelter Reform Action Committee vs.City of NY et al.

Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 15:36:28 -0400.

Attached you will find the 14-page affidavit of Ed Boks, former executive director of Animal Care & Control of NYC, who describes in intimate detail many troubling aspects of the Department of Health's culture of fear and non-cooperation with efforts to improve their miserable track record managing NYC's animal shelters, and the failure of ACC's board of directors to act as a real board should act.

Anyone involved with the animal services contract who sees this narrative as merely that of a disgruntled ex-employee is missing the point.

Boks is a disgruntled ex-employee? Do you mean Gary that he didn't leave on good terms from New York?


Anonymous said...

Gary Kaskel is Boks best friend in New York. Gary was shocked when they did not renew Boks' contract. Boks hoped it would be renewed, then he would say no thanks because he already got the job with LA. Boks went looking for the job in LA because he knew he would be fired. NY had threatened to fire him and Boks admits it.

Another thing, after Boks was fired he was given a lifetime achievement award by a nonprofit group in NY. Guess who formed that group? Boks. He gave an award to himself. People who were members of that groups disapproved. They said Boks does not deserve the award and should not receive it. Boks gave himself the award and even wrote the press release for it. He took credit for things he had nothing to do with in NY as per Jane Hoffman of the Mayor's Alliance.

Everyone should read Boks' affidavit here. Boks' affidavit In his own words Boks states he feared being fired all the time. He says his failure in NY was because of the Mayor and commission. He totally bashes the Mayor and Commission.

FTR Boks and his friend Gary Kaskel lost this lawsuit against New York. Boks sues his ex-boss and loses. In his own affidavit he admits to threatening to sue his boss. New York was wise to fire him. Why is LA so slow?

Anonymous said...

From the affidavit. Boks threatens to sue the City.

"They seemed to be completely
oblivious of their contractual agreement that I would be responsible for all media and all
press releases and everything that came out of the AC&C. And again, it was a matter of
choosing my battles. Sensing the hostility of the board, I just didn’t feel that this was a battle
worth fighting at that time. I did discuss it with Tom Frieden afterwards. I said, "Tom, you
need to know that this is a violation of my contract." And he reviewed my contract and said,
"Ed, I have to disagree with you. It’s not." But it clearly was. I talked to a labor attorney
who said that I could sue."

I wonder if Boks has been threatening to sue LA? Or maybe he's just threatening to reveal embarrassing details about the Mayor, City and Department like he did in this affidavit.

Boks states in his affidavit that he wanted to go to New York to help save animals. He was actually running away from an ugly divorce caused by his incessant cheating and a big mess in Maricopa animal control. He went over budget and euthanasia was going up when he left.

Notice that Boks completely rewrote the statistics in Maricopa. Low and behold he did the same thing in New York.No wonder he can make it seem that things improved. Notice also he totally redid the stats here in LA.

Boks says he feared being fired. "But I did very much feel that I would probably lose my job if I spoke out. What was my
alternative at that point? Lose my job and let the department fall back into chaos, or focus
on turning the department around?"

He got his girlfriend a job. " In fact, I brought in Sarah Hobel, who was on the board and used to be in
acquisition banking, and had her review the budget." In the deposition in the NY lawsuit it came to light that he lived with her.

The Mayor of New York hated Boks.

"I never had any communication with the mayor but was always told by Tom
Frieden that the Mayor’s Office was very upset with me. "

Boks stated this:

"The culture of fear at the DOH seemed to be a fear of embarrassing the
mayor, that we have to protect the mayor at all cost. Even the cost of animals lives. John
O’Connor as well as Dr. Frieden expressed that on occasions, as did the entire board from
time to time, explicitly or implicitly, that protecting the mayor was paramount. "

We have the same rule here in LA. Don't embarrass the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't embarrass the Mayor.

He prefers to do that job himself...

Anonymous said...

Very soon Boks will be saying the same nasty things about our Mayor, the commission, employees. He's already blaming his failures here on the commission and his employees. Every time anything goes wrong, it's always someone else's fault.

In New York Boks sang the praise of his girlfriend Sara Hobel. Now he believes she is a member of ADL. Boks trashes all his exes, i.e. exgirlfriends, exbosses, exemployees. Nice racist remark about an ex-employee.

In a message dated 7/23/2006 9:57:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Remember Wes Atrope. He was let go as the result of a reorganization. He is now playing the race card, despite the fact I hired two black HR managers in a row (Gerry Allen and Brown) and a black medical director (Dr. Cruse). The attorneys feel the City is in a strong position. Wes' attorney has missed every deadline imposed by the Court and has upset the judge as well.

I suspect Jane Hoffman may be the ADL's NYC "contact" and/or Sara Hobel.


From: Gary Kaskel
To: Ed Boks
Subject: FW: [stopthekilling] LA SHELTER MANAGER BOKS SUED IN NYC!
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 09:52:20 -0400


What's the deal?

------ Forwarded Message
From: "ADLLA"
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 06:12:20 -0700
To: "Stop The Killing"
Subject: [stopthekilling] LA SHELTER MANAGER BOKS SUED IN NYC!


Ed Boks, the incompetent General Manager of our six LA city "shelters"--virtual Death Camps for the animals imprisoned inside, has been sued for racial discrimination in his former job as General Manager for the "shelter" system in New York City!

Anonymous said...

What's really funny, especially when a certain attorney gets ahold of it, is the fact that Boks in his New York lawsuit claimed he fired Atrope because he was "incompetent." He didn't say it was because of reorganization. If he were fired over a reorganization, that makes the City liable. Guess New York will be losing that lawsuit.

What's even funnier is that Boks claims Atrope was incompetent, yet he never wrote him up. In fact he told him he was doing a great job. Boks can't keep his stories straight.

Anonymous said...

Gary Kaskel didn't sue the Mayor's Alliance.He sued NY City animal care and control, Boks' old boss. The Mayor's Alliance is totally separate, run by Jane Hoffman,who does not like Boks. She originally believed all the bullshit he told her and the Mayor of New York. Boks was on the speaker circuit spreading his bullshit far and wide. She and Mayor Bloomberg encouraged him to come to New York to help New York. After they saw all his games and lies, they wanted him gone. They dislike him now.

Anonymous said...

Gary Kaskel will sue anybody over anything, as long as he can get his name in the papers.

He is to sucking money out of animal charity what Linda Lovelace was to the movies.

Check what happened to the United Action For Animals when he got hold of it. He sucked it dry. Big salary and office for himself. He is CRAP.

Anonymous said...

Angelenos need to pressure Antonio Villaraigosa not only to fire the liar Ed, but to completely rehaul that department. Replacing the pathological liar Ed is only one part of the solution. Linda Barth is a liar as well. She cannot give a straight answer about TNR, which is absolutely necessary in order to lower euthanasia rates much less get to no-kill. Ed is having workshops touting all of his accomplishments and the last one was very sparsely attended. All he cares about is that it's on channel 35 and that people are buying the big giant lie that he's reducing kill rates in the shelters. He needs to be fired, and the spay neuter law needs enforcement.