Call Animal Services to Foster One of Mason's Cats

According to the LAPD website URL,, the Animal Cruelty Task force takes seized animals to the nearest shelter where they are entered into the S.T.A.R. program for treatment (Euthanol?) and then fostering. The post says you can call Animal Services at (888) 452-7381 to foster one of these animals. Try it. See if we can locate and foster Muffin, Burt or Johnny. I guess mention the cats impounded from Napa Street in Northridge on October 11.

What does the ACTF (Animal Cruelty Task Force) investigate?

The ACTF investigates animal cruelty, neglect, hoarding, mutilation or sacrifice, bestiality, cockfighting, and dog fighting.

What happens to the impounded animals?

Impounded animals are taken to the nearest animal shelters located citywide. At the animal shelters, the impounded animals are entered into the Special Treatment and Recovery (STAR) program where the severely injured, abused, and neglected animals rescued by the ACTF receive medical treatment from experienced veterinarians.

However Mike Bell in a confronation with Boks during a June 6 Town Hall discovered only one dog had been treated in Star.

May I foster or adopt animals that have been impounded by the ACTF?

Yes. The Department of Animal Services has a Foster Program that trains volunteers to provide temporary homes for animals with special needs until they are healthy enough for adoption. Please contact the Department of Animal Services at 888-452-7381 or visit for more information on the foster or adoption programs.

1000 to 1 you get nowhere. They likely all are dead.


Anonymous said...

According to a PRA logsheet I received from LAAS in lieu of the actual PRAs I had requested, Laura Beth made a public records request on April 27, 2007 wanting records on any animal treated under the Star Program. If I recall correctly, the response from the Department was that there were none.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Anonymous said...

I would like to foster Muffin, Burt and Johnny. Where do I sign up? In the after life?

Anonymous said...

What's a PRA?

Ed Muzika said...

In the June Town Hall meeting, Mike Bell asked Boks how many animals had been treated under STAR.

Boks replied he didn't know, probably because it doesn't exist and funds might be going elsewhere.

Boks then asked Linda Barth how many had been treated and Linda said she didn't know but would find out.

Then Phyllis Daugherty (sp?) piped up and said she knew of one dog treated under STAR. So between April 27, 2007 and June 8 or abouts, one dog had been treated.

The program does not exist. So when the ACTF says they go to STAR it means they go into nothingness.

Anonymous said...

PRA=public records act request. We the public have the right to know what our government is doing. They must show us all public records if we ask.

Boks did STAR in NY. It's another name only program. He uses it to solicit donations but then doesn't spend the money on the animals. I'm being bombarded by emails from city employees offering free animals that need major surgery. They say we must take them or they will be euthanized because of their injuries. Why don't they spend the STAR money on them? or at least offer to spend that money if rescue agrees to take the animal?

Anonymous said...

Is STAR money strictly donations, or is it in the budget? Either way we should be able to see the numbers, correct?