Ed Boks Giving a Media Prosecuted Hoarder the Support and Counseling He Needs

Ed Boks said he hoped that Ron Mason's arrest and probation would give him the support and counseling he needs to break the vicious cycle of breeding in Mason's backyard.

I assume this is Mason's first counseling session, the second was at the police station when he was "interviewed" for 5 minutes by some psych assistant.

Oops. Ed forgot to mention that Mason asked Animal Services to take the cats away nine weeks before the bust.
Instead, they gave him bottle feeding kits and vouchers for spay/neuter--and a list of rescue groups.

Boks helped Muffin too. Where is Muffin?

Oh, I forgot, Ed won't tell us until the case is over and we make a separate request for public records at that time. A little late for Muffin--No?


Anonymous said...

Ron Mason should sue the shit out of the City. They trampled on his rights, defamed, harassed him. I'm sure he's experiencing a lot of pain and emotional suffering because of this inappropriate raid.

Anonymous said...

that cat muffin looks fine. if they killed him, they are cold blooded murderers

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the outrage if we were talking about humans? What if a foster or real parent had a kid that got a cold from school. What if the police came and arrested the parent for "neglect." What if they took the kid with the cold and just killed him instead of giving him cold medication? Arresting someone, killing animals is not how you solve problems. That's how you create bigger problems.

Anonymous said...

If that happened to me, I would say that was messed up!