Mason Busted to Promote Boks' Pet Precinct TV Series?

In his September/October report to the Animal Services Commission, Ed Boks states:

"The Department has recently had conversations with the producers of the Animal Planet show “Animal Precinct” about putting together a five-show pilot that would feature the Department’s animal care centers and staff. Currently, the Department has been working with series creator Morgan Spurlock and the producers of the FX Networks show “30 Days” to film an episode at one of the Department’s animal care centers."


As you know, Animal Precinct features investigations, among other things, of alleged animal abuse.

Isn’t it convenient that Boks releases information that he is in touch with Animal Precinct for a five episode series
five weeks after Mason was busted? Do you think the TV footage shot by City TV was sent to the producers of Animal Precinct? I think so.

Once again, Boks was willing to waste a man’s life and kill dozens and maybe scores of cats for good PR. What a scumbag and what a legal and PR disaster for the City and the City Attorney's Office.


Anonymous said...

The department definitely used Mason just to get some press. Why else would the City Hall press team and videographers be there. Officer Troy Boswell is a big camera hound. I see him at the bust. He loves seeing himself on video. I'm sure he wanted to star on Animal Precinct. Someone should contact Discovery Animal Planet and let them know what LA did just to try to get on their show. They crucified a man and killed a lot of innocent animals just for a little air time.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone always write "somebody should..." do this or that? Do it! It takes zero time to contact Animal Planet --

Write them and tell them. The only ways things are going to change is for you to stop reading and start writing, calling, calling again, and making some noise.

Corporations know every letter and every phone call represents the feelings of hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Go be a thousand people -- write to Animal Planet, write to Fox. Tell them how embarrassed they'll be if they believe what Boks tells them. Tell them about Villaraigosa's oopsie press conference, where he said L.A. was #1 in adoptions, only to get smacked upside the head the NEXT DAY with the facts. Tell them about 1,155 violations of the Hayden Act in 2006.

To paraphrase Gandhi, be the change you want to see! You can stop Boks.

Anonymous said...

I went to the link and sent in a comment about Boks using Mason's bust for his audition tape for Animal Precinct.