Please See Comments Below About Boks Being Fired in New York

When I and Animal Friend were defending Boks against claims he was fired in New York, he emailed me the media article about getting a performance award. As explained below in the comments to my post about Boks being fired in NY, the commenter claims Boks formed the organization that gave him the award and wrote his own press release.

I think Ed has been doing that here every time he opens his mouth or writes a blog entry.

Even more, one commenter posts an email from Boks blaming everyone in NYC being responsible for his problems as well as an alleged past girlfriend there being an ADL contact.


Anonymous said...

Boks started Friends of Animal Care and Control NYC. From Best Friends March 2006 newsletter.

"But not everyone is as positive.
Animal activists in New York City,
where he was executive director of
animal care and control for two
years, say Boks makes promises he
cannot keep.

Back in New York, Friends of Animal
Care and Control NYC scheduled a lifetime
achievement ceremony for Boks on January
31. At press time, however, animal activist
Regina Massaro was fighting the award.
“He’s done nothing to deserve it,” said Mas-
saro, who runs the nonprofit Spay Neuter
Intervention Project. “Those programs
started two years before he got here. The
award would elevate him to sainthood and
it isn’t deserved.”

Those are harsh words about a man whom
others sing the praises of. But for the people
who oppose Boks, the self-aggrandizing they
say he does takes away from the plight of
the city’s homeless animals.

A statement in a news release about the
ceremony says, “Ed and his team in New
York worked over two years to transform the
traditional catch-and-kill policies that had
driven the New York City shelter system for
over a century.”

Animal care and control in New
York City, Hoffman said, will do just fine
without Ed Boks at the helm.

It confirms for Jane Hoffman, president
of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals,
that Boks has taken credit for programs
already in place when he took over.
“He merely renamed the projects and
made them his own,” Hoffman said. “He’s
not good at giving credit to others.”

Some do admit that Boks tried to put
the city on a fast track of no-kill shelters.
Hoffman, however, agreed with Criswell
that it’s a project that can’t be completed in
a hurry: “Ours is a 10-year plan. Ed is all
about the sprint to the quick finish, and this
is a marathon.”

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg of New York has the common sense to get rid of Boks yet our Mayor Villaraigosa decides to hire this reject. We have the stupidest mayor on the planet. Who hires a guy that was fired twice in a row? The Mayor is an idiot or else he didn't bother to check out this guy's past.

Anonymous said...

WE'RE paying this loser's six-figure salary!!!! We need to demand action from the mayor NOW! They work for us! They need to remember this.

You're a vampire Boks, and you've sucked us dry long enough, spending our money to pay girlfriends for worthless studies, and to a veterinarian running their private practice on the city's dime who is only willing to give a 7% discount for spay/neuters. He sure is generous with OUR money, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

"We have the stupidest mayor on the planet. Who hires a guy that was fired twice in a row? The Mayor is an idiot or else he didn't bother to check out this guy's past."

The Mayor has insulted the people of LA in so many ways. I hope he never gets elected to any office ever again.

Anonymous said...

Pook Boks -- can't trust anyone...

A new update on Bokswatch: He was purveying his charm over at the West L.A. Centinela Feed yesterday afternoon, combining two of his favorite activities: working the ladies and pretending to care about animals. To be fair, what I think he was really doing (in addition to pretty OVERT-ly working the ladies) was attempting to shore up his nonexistent credibility in the rescue community -- although interestingly, while he stuck like glue to the dog adoption area, we didn't see him venture near the cats. Aren't they God's creatures too, Ed? Come to think of it, he didn't really pay any attention to the dogs either. But he kinda stood near them, surely he gets points for that...

Sadly, judging by what was said after he left, the image-rehab attempt didn't work too well. Meanwhile, inside the store the word was buzzing around about who he was and what he's done to the cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits and more of L.A. Didn't you realize a pet supply store might have a large number of animal lovers inside, Ed? There's that classic Boks strategic thinking...

But if Ed underestimates the number of animal lovers in this city, it's hardly surprising that Villaraigosa does too. Word has it Antonio still thinks he's going to be governor.... Maybe we should all call his office and tell him how badly that would turn out if he doesn't find real leadership for LAAS. Ask for Jim Bickhart - (213) 978-0721

Anonymous said...

Boks is EXTREMELY allergic to cats. Within five minutes of being near a cat or a place where a cat was, his eyes turn deep red, his eyes tear to the point that it looks like he's crying and his nose runs like a faucet. He doesn't like cats at all. This is why he always says "dogs and cats" when the correct phrase is "cats and dogs." This is why cat euthanasia went up under his leadership in 2006. This is why he refused kittens. He doesn't like cats and doesn't care. They're just a number.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could resort to chemical warfare -- bomb Ed Boks with cat dander and watch him flee the city in terror, his nose running faster than he is...