Ron Mason Needs Help

I just talked to Ron Mason. He has been living at the same Napa Street address for his entire life of 59 years.

Boks' felony bust made him the laughing stock of his community. He has been thoroughly humiliated in front of his neighbors and peers.

He has no money and is unable to work. He had no money and did not eat for three days until one of the readers of my blog sent him and his cats some money.This was the only person other than myself out of all the readers of my blog and recipients of my emails that called him or offered any help. I had no idea otherwise I would have sent money too. Guess I was so filled with what I was doing that I didn't realize how bad off Ron was.

His mother pays the taxes on the house and his sister cashed in a 401K CD to post his $20,000 bond.Ron's cats still need food, rescue and homes.

He is going to the East and West Valley shelters tomorrow to try to find his cats. Since Boks is not responding to our request for documents about the cats, we can only assume the worst--that Burt, Muffin, Johny and all the others with names I haven't stated, are dead.

Ron needs help. His kitties need food, rescue and placement. The only cats Animal Services took were the most domesticated ones easily caught--and the kittens who couldn't run.

Please call him at 818 993-6816 and offer him something.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the reader who talked to Ron. If anyone is hesitating because they still have doubts as to whether Ron's a good guy, with good intentions, I'd like to say that this does seem to me to be the case.

I have and love a bunch of animals, and would never support someone who abused them. But I can very easily see how, looking in a cat or kitten's eyes, you could feel, even past your own ability to cope, that you couldn't turn them away. If you love animals and are lucky enough to be able to financially support this love, I urge you to show some compassion for someone who gave even beyond his means.