From Marc Madow

48-Hour Emergency!

Please help prevent a Ron Mason type catastrophe to the Wilkinson cat colony.

An extreme emergency situation exists which could easily cost the lives of many dozens of the cats in the Wilkinson colony. We urgently need to relocate these cats immediately before they are seized and murdered by LA Animal Services and the Animal Cruelty Task Force of the Los Angeles Police Department.

I initially gathered up these cats after someone in our neighborhood killed at least six of them with poison. The complete story can be read on my blog at

I have way more than the three cats allowed by the City of Los Angeles. Animal Control and the Animal Cruelty Task Force have visited many times and warned me to remove these cats from this location.

Their most recent visit resulted in me not letting them inside to count cats as they didn’t have a warrant. I was clearly told that they would be back on Thursday August 28th at 1:00 pm to inspect the premises and count the number of cats that remain.

This date is no coincidence as I must appear at the Van Nuys Courthouse the next day to be formally charged on this matter.

I ask you all to please put yourselves out and accept one, two or even three of these cats to save their lives. We of the animal community are often fragmented, disorganized and overly suspicious and critical of each other. I desperately ask you to extend a hand of kindness to these cats.

Some of the cats and kittens are tame and could easily live indoors with children as housecats. Others are shy, but peaceful, and could live indoors or out somewhere.

And a few are cats from hell who don’t like me, they won’t like you and they never will like humans. They need to be saved too. And, a few of them are special needs kitties who could use a special friend.

I saved them from someone who was trying to kill them. Now, their lives are again in immediate risk to the perils of a raid and seizure which could resemble the results of the illegal, immoral and inhumane actions which happened to the peaceful cats of Ron Mason last year.

If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of this shameful day please have a look at this link and then learn the dirty truth about this obscenity on Ed Muzika’s blog at:

I know it’s kitten season, I know you have plans for the day, I know you don’t have room for or need more cats which are difficult to adopt out but please, let’s save these cats from the jaws of this system of inhumanity. I may be criminally charged for giving food and water to feral cats while whoever poisoned some of them is not even being sought by law enforcement. This is not the America I want to live in. I hope that you don’t either.

You can contact me any time day or night with questions advice or to offer the help with which I desperately ask you for. If I can’t get these cats diffused out into the friendly community they are simply doomed. I caught them. I fed them. I had many of them fixed and gave them medical attention. I protected them the best that I could for as long as I could. It’s time for me to ask for help from you as the only way to their survival.

Please call.
Marc Madow
North Hollywood
Tel (818) 768-8588
Cell (503) 703-0449

I warned Marc that most in the rescue community are in the same boat and cannot be expected to help without increasing their own risk.

The department and ACTF have made absolutely no attempt to help Marc, but only to warn and threaten him to cut the number of cats.

They want him to do this by stopping his outdoor feeding, and I suppose to get the indoor cats adopted. However, they are demanding the near impossible as they are having poor success in adopting the cats they impound and they have 300 employees and seven shelters.

They are demanding March (and they did Ron Mason) accomplish something they did not and apparently can not.

This is another reason Boks has to be replaced and the ACTF get sent to bust dog and cock fighting rings.



Kelley said...

Is there any update?

Ed Muzika said...

They came, they went, everything fine for now. For now. I'd say good for another couple of months, In the meantime, he is placing the cats.

Anonymous said...