Christ, the Vindictiveness of Villaraigosa

Since the animal community did not rally around Villaraigosa, and the small band of activists that did show up for a show and tell with the mayor candidates voted for Moore, and since ADL has picketed him frequently, Tony has become the animal community's worst nightmare.

Apparently Tony was caught eating Foie Gras in front of a Times reporter in 2005, and animal lovers asked him not to eat it again reminding him that it'll soon be illegal. He said he wouldn't, now he's rubbing Foie Gras in our face.

From the LA Times:

"Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is constantly on the move, but even a mayor has to eat, and he takes the opportunity to frequent many of the city's top dining destinations. He seems to have the good taste of a man who's knowledgeable about every corner of his city. A few of these entries just might surprise you."

According to a Times article, Tony eats at Patina and made the following comment.

“You get a great dish every single time here. There is a high level of culinary excellence every time and a consistency that is just incredible. I'd say their cheese selection is maybe the best in the city. And I always get the Foie Gras. It's great.”

I bet he really wanted to say he eats kitten noses and puppy dog tails.

Tony, you've gone over the line for the N-th time. I'll see you at the next ADL picket of your house.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother picketing his house. He's never even in the state let alone City. He's been campaigning, brownosing Obama for months now.

Anonymous said...

This was a total "in your face" move by Villaraigosa. He's bragging that he's wasting the city's money on expensive wine and inhumane food. We explained to him back in 2005 how foie gras is made. That's why it will be illegal in 2012. Antonio is again committing animal cruelty. He didn't just kill a goose to eat it's liver. He tortured it to death then ate it's liver. Force feeding geese to infirm their liver is very painful. Every time he goes eats foie gras he is torturing a goose to death.

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh@t!!!

I am APPALLED!!!!!!!!!

He's not even pretending he's not a heartless, inhumane bastard anymore. We are in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Pretentiousness at its worst.

If he were making minimum wage, as he is intending to do to state employees, he woudn't begin to make these "foi'bles."

He wouldn't begin to think about becoming the gluttonous diner he has become on tax-payer money on minimum wage.

The man is looking more and more like a Republican to me.

He needs a taste of his own cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Not to get off point, (I, too, am appalled that Tony V is blatantly promoting Fois Gras) - but this is the second time I've read on these comments that he's the one who is putting the state worker's salaries down to minimum wage. He is the mayor of Los Angeles. It's Gov Arnold who is masterminding the wages of the state's workers, not Villaraigosa.

Anonymous said...

It may be Arnold who deals with state employees' salaries, but wasn't it Antonio Villaraigosa who wanted city employees to take unpaid days off to balance his budget?

Then he brags about the high-priced food he's eating, no doubt on our dime? AND adding torture into the mix?

The thing I like about Obama is that he's smart. WAY too smart to consider hiring a dimwit sleazebag like Villaraigosa whose most famous achievement as Mayor was to bang a reporter, only one of his many indiscretions and infidelities.

I voted for him. I'm a lifelong Democrat. But I'd vote for McCain before I'd ever vote for Antonio Villaraigosa ever again. He's disgusting on every level.

Anonymous said...

Poster 5,
Yes, the governor put state workers wages to minimum wage. Antonio is the one who approved the latest LA City budget which gets rid of a few employees.

Anonymous said...

Look at the voting on his list.
Do you like this list? Vote Now:
yes 247 no 476

Everyone go and vote no on his stupid list. Who cares what are animal hating Mayor likes to eat. I hope everyone realizes that Antonio doesn't pay for these meals. They're "business" meals so the City pays for them. That means we bought his foie gras and expensive wine. We should have a say in this.

Anonymous said...


Good riddance losers!

Anonymous said...

I also heard that the mayor bought his dog from a breeder.

Anonymous said...

He probably ate the dog too.

He's a sad and petty little man who can't keep it in his pants. Fortunately, once he's no longer Mayor he's going to find the number of people interested in seeing his "Deputy Mayor" come out of his pants is going to drop precipitously....

Maybe he and Boks can hit the singles bars together.