Alley Cat Allies Opposes AB 1634--Unfair to Colony Managers Without Low Cost S/N and Accessibility

Ask your California Senator today to OPPOSE AB 1634

This week, the California Senate is considering a revised version of a mandatory sterilization bill that would unfairly penalize people who care for stray and feral cats.

The revised version of AB 1634 would make it so that anyone who “owns or possesses” an unsterilized cat roaming “at large” could be cited and required to pay a $50 penalty. If an owner or possessor is cited for the same cat a second time, that person would be required to pay for the cat to be spayed or neutered.

AB 1634 threatens to place a tremendous cost on those who care for stray or feral cats, and could even be used to harass those who don’t have the funds for or access to low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter services. Worse, it could discourage people from caring for stray and feral cats at all, leaving more intact cats to breed unchecked and be brought to pounds and shelters where over 70% of all cats are killed.

Many people who care for stray and feral cats have already spayed or neutered them, often at their own time and expense. Alley Cat Allies supports programs that further these efforts, such as partially and fully subsidized spay and neuter services. But we oppose legislation that imposes punishments on those who care for stray and feral cats and puts cats at risk of being killed unnecessarily.

Send a letter to your California State Senator telling them you oppose AB 1634 and asking them to vote against it.


Becky Robinson, President


Anonymous said...

I don't see how AB 1634 would be enforceable with colony managers and I would rather see breeders responsible for contributing to overpoplulation prosecuted. Alley Cat Allies can continue it's wonderful work and rest assured that breeders are the primary target of this bill.

Unknown said...

I'm glad someone else in the rescue community sees this - I've been telling the CA Senators and Assemblymembers about this problem since AB 1634 was first proposed!

Ed Muzika said...

It may be difficult to enforce, but LAAS and the ACTF would then have increased legal cover to harrass colony feeders.

If low cost S/N were guaranteed available as well as easy access, it would not be a problem. Also, if TNR were finally legalized in the City as Boks wants to do, it also would be less of a problem. However, there are groups against TNR which are blocking Council acceptance.

What I try to do is ignore all complaints about the colony somebody I know maintains.

No matetr where you feed and maintain a colony there are at least one and sometimes two or three who have it in for you no matter how much you try to get along and compromise. But a lot of times, they just want the cats away even if that means dead.

Therefore, I have grown more confrontational and letting people know I won't stop feeding and they better watch out if they think they can harm the cats.

Actually, that seems to work but is not an accepted Alley Cat Allies authorized method.

On the other hand, you have someone like Mason or Madow who have the colonies in their yards. They can be slammed.

Anonymous said...

>>>It may be difficult to enforce, but LAAS and the ACTF would then have increased legal cover to harrass colony feeders.<<<

Yeah, like LAAS and the ACTF ever do their jobs in the first place! I really don't think ACA has a thing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Ed, in general I don't really agree with your idea of ignoring complaints and/or becoming confrontational. I don't think it does much to advance the cause of feral cats or TNR. In many cases, conflicts can be resolved. If a business owner complains about cats loitering in his parking lot and empty food dishes everywhere, an easy solution is to move the feeding area away from the parking lot. If someone complains the food is attracting wildlife, you stop leaving food out at night. If someone is worried about a car getting scratched, you can offer to buy a cover. Also, simply being discreet can eliminate a lot of problems. I feed some of my feral colonies between 1 and 2 in the morning. I leave only enough food for the cats I know are there, and I never leave any plates or other trash behind. In those locations, no one even knows the cats are there (they are all s/n so the population is under control).

Anonymous said...

What about the LA City SN ordinance? Do the feral cat people oppose this as well?

Ed Muzika said...

You got what I got.

It only says ACA oposes AB 1634. There is no group of local TNR groups that has opposed either AB1634 or the City S/N ordinance.

Of course the argument would be the same if anyone thought the City were going to enforce the law against colony managers.