Olshan Accuses Mayeda of Obstruction of Justice; Sends Complaint to Attorney General

I advised Ryan Olshan to pass on his complaint about the Mayeda/County cover up of a potential DEA investigation of controlled substance problems in her agency, to send his complaint to Jerry Brown, briefly my employer during his presidential campaign in 1992.

I expect to do the same also re a suspected cover up of animal neglect at Pierce College involving Pierce faculty, LAAS and ACTF personnel.

Jerry did not endorse me when I ran for Councilmember in Santa Monica 10 years ago because I had not received many other endorsements. He said politics is people fed and the more you have, the more you get.

Anyway, we'll see how much juice Jerry thinks we have here.

Olshan's email to Jerry:

Dear Mr. Edmund Brown:

Since November 2007, I have been documenting violations of Department and Board of Supervisor Policy and Procedure and State and Federal law that the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control and Department Director Marcia Mayeda have engaged in and continue to engage in.

I have presented this evidence on numerous occasions to the Board of Supervisors and County Chief Executive Officer William Fujioka, yet these violations continue to occur. My vehicle for documenting violations since December 2007 has been on the LA County DACC Watch Blog (http://lacdacc.blogspot.com).

I recently presented Mr. Fujioka with an email where Department Director Marcia Mayeda instructed her staff to obstruct justice by deleting emails and emptying their trash files so they don’t leave a paper trail during an audit conducted by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (see below and attached file Obstruction of justice email.pdf).

When I presented Mr. Fujioka with this email in person on 6/27/2008, he was asked by his Chief Deputy Sharon Harper if that’s what the email was (obstruction of justice) and he answered yes with a look of extreme worry and embarrassment on his face.

Instead of letting the Office of County Investigations, Drug Enforcement Agency, and United States Attorney’s Office investigate, Mr. Fujioka let County Counsel investigate and they deemed that no wrongdoing occurred. This is not the first time Ms. Mayeda has instructed her staff to delete emails and empty their trash files so they don’t leave a paper trail.

From 2006-2007, Dr. Dena Mangiamele conducted an audit of the Department’s operations and the report was both shocking and disgusting. You can read my outline of the report at http://lacdacc.blogspot.com/2008/08/dr-mangiameles-audit-of-dacc.html and download a copy of the report at http://lacdacc.blogspot.com/2008/08/dr-magiameles-report.html.

The report found the Department in violation of State and Federal law and Policy and Procedure.

The Department has three pending lawsuits against them for various alleged violations of the law. You can download a copy of all three lawsuit complaints at http://filesrv.ryanolshan.com/LACDACC/Lawsuit%20Complaints.zip.

The stance the Board of Supervisors and Mr. Fujioka has taken on this issue is inappropriate, unsatisfactory, and an abuse of power. I am reaching out to the Office of the Attorney General to initiate an investigation into these abuses and hold the County of Los Angeles and those in violation of the law accountable.

Ryan Olshan

From: Marcia Mayeda
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 10:20 AM
To: Josie Zabala; Michelle Roache; Derek Brown; David Nelson
Cc: Marcia Mayeda
Subject: RE: DEA Crisis

Josie, thanks for your comments - i agree that everyone did an outstanding job on this matter! However, we do not need a paper trail on this. Everyone, please delete these emails from your computers and empty the trash files.


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