Surprise! City Controller Calls Boks a Man Without a Plan

Released yesterday, an audit of Boks' spay/neuter program.

City Controller Chick says Ed is a man without a plan.

Finally, a city official that has been hearing from members of the humane and rescue community.

Thanks Ms. Chick!


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Anonymous said...

Boks is now whining to the media that he can't enforce the new ordinance because of lack of employees and funds because of budget cuts. What a pack of lies.

Councilmember Alarcon asked Boks three times when the item was in council, "do you have enough resources to enforce this ordinance? Can you currently neuter all 400,000 animals that need surgery in the City?" Boks of course said, "Yes I can." That was a total lie.

Now Boks says the budget cuts are the problem. They did not cut the spay budget. They did not cut the canvassers or ACOs that would enforce the ordinance. The Dept has the same resources today that they had back in February when this was passed. They only cut the pet food and ACTs.

How does this guy get away with these lies time and time again?