The 561 Page County Shelter System Consult


Geez, I thought Winograd's 140 pager consults were long. But this bugger is 561 pages long.

This is from Ryan Olshan's blog:

Download Dr. Magiamele's report by shelter and all reports combined in one PDF file. The reports describe numerous violations of State and Federal law and policy and procedure. County stated in their response to my public record request that it would cost $216.00 (6 hours at $36.00 per hour) to produce the report in electronic format because portions of the record needed to be redacted.

Because of this, I requested that they send me the report in hard copy format. So far, the only redaction's I can find are names grouped together on the front page of each report. The effort required in that type of redaction is no where near 6 hours and more like 15 minutes. This is the length County will go to to make it as difficult as possible for a record to be provided in a format that can easily be distributed on the Internet or email because they have a lot to cover up. Even though the report should have been mailed to me on either Wednesday, August 6 or Thursday, August 7, the Department didn't mail the report to me until Tuesday, August 12, the same day they posted about the report on their website and Marcia Mayeda issued a press release.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some report. I just started going through it. This report seems to be about the county complying with existing laws, not about making the shelter "nokill" or reducing euthanasia. I think they ordered this report when they got in trouble with the DEA.

I'm amazed they didn't have a DEA license for each location. The city has to have one also. They can't drive euth meds around town. I wonder how well the city complies with these regulations? Probably sloppily.

Anonymous said...

They would have charged you $216.00 to provide this report in electronic format but less if they killed a few trees in the process? Just goes to show how inefficient they operate. So, just how long did it take for you to produce this report in electronic format Ryan? 20-30 minutes maybe?

Great work Ryan!

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA


Anonymous said...

The City itself has zero DEA registrations. However, collectively, the five Animal Services veterinarians operating out of the 8 shelters have FOURTEEN DEA registrations in their own names.

The compliance is not done "sloppily". All the controlled drugs are meticulously logged and accounted for. Also, for a year now, sedation before euthanasia has been the proscribed procedure. This is because the new regime of veterinarians have over 50 collective years of private practice experience.

The General Manager has managed to assemble a most dedicated and compassionate veterinary medical staff in the city shelters. This was not an easy task.

Anonymous said...

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