The Editor of The Daily News Agrees Villaraigosa is Corrupt

I thought I might get in trouble for my last post about PLM until someone emailed me the blog of the former editor of the Daily News, Ron Kaye.

Kaye says:

"Life is grand for Antonio Villaraigosa and money is the game, luxury is the payoff.

"He offered himself as the punk from East L.A. with big dreams and high values, a guy who could stand up to gangs -- at least the gangs of special interests that feed off L.A.'s treasury, the developers, contractors and public employee unions. But he made his choice early on when he could have blocked the sweetheart contract negotiated under his predecessor's watch with the Department of Water and Power's all-powerful union.

"And what's happened since has made his administration the most corrupt in modern LA. history. His charm and glibness, his easy way of smoothing over and obscuring the truth, his selling out the city's future to the highest bidder, his endless travel in search of self-importance and cash to fuel his campaigns for office, for higher taxes, for political advantage.

"Most of all, there's the love of the high life: Gourmet food, $1,000 bottles of wine, beautiful young women, life in a mansion or hanging out with rich pals in theirs, bodyguards and drivers.

"He is leading the life of the fabulously rich on a salary of $225,000 while supporting a wife he's separated from and their house in Mount Washington, a kid at Princeton and another at the exclusive Marlborough School.

"Check out the list of his favorites eateries that he gave the L.A. Times: The foie gras.he "always" gets at Patina, the tuna tartare and oysters at the Water Grill, his preference to "entertain dignitaries" at Spago. the "really beautiful presentation" at La Serenada de Garibaldi, providence where he just lets " the chef kind of fix me up something great," and for dessert there's nothing like the tres leches cake at Frida in Beverly Hills."

Geez Ron, can I write for your blog?


Anonymous said...

Makes you want to throw up like that poor duck, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The guy WAS the editor of the Daily News. If he still were the editor he would not have been able to write this article. If any of his writers would have written this article, he probably wouldn't have run it. The Times is even worse.