Boks "Loses" My Request for Records About the Dancy/Pierce Animal Neglect Investigation

On July 20 I submitted a request for public documents about the Pierce animal neglect investigation in 2005 and any subsequent investigations re animal neglect. I heard nothing, so I emailed Ross Pool, the department's keeper of records, and he responded on August 1 that he was working on it and needed more time. That is, he acknowledged receipt.

Recently, Brad Jensen submitted a separate request to Mr. Pool for a log of all requests for records.

That log indicated they had responded to my January request for all documents and emails related to the Mason case, TV 35 video, the LA-ACTF raid, and emails between Boks and the head of Animal Planet regarding future taping in LA by Animal Precinct.

They had not responded at all. Therefore, I have just requested a copy of what they had allegedly sent me.

However, regarding my July 20, 2008 request for the results of that 2005 investigation, and despite the fact that Ross Pool said he was investigating my request, the log does not show the request had ever been received.

However, it did show that Stacey Dancy had made a public records request for her entire personnel file 4 days before I sent my request. Why do you suppose that was? Was she getting ready to request the department to remove documents from her personnel file? Was she trying to see whether the file actaully contained and actual investigation by Bowers? I don't know.

So, what happened to my request Ross?

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...and the cover up continues!