Boks Has Not Released July Shelter Stats

Fourteen months ago when the shelter stats showed Animal Services was doing well, Ed provided a preliminary analysis of performance the the first day of the month and posted the actual figures on the 6th.

No more. He never talks about how LAAS is doing in terms of numbers anymore unless there is a formal request to post them. This is August 25, and he still has not released the July figures.

Of course his numbers have been getting worse and worse.

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Anonymous said...

I think Boks is hiring a crony to be his chief vet so he can doctor the numbers. He doesn't want to have to count euthanized sliders or chickens. He probably would prefer that the chief vet just let them die instead of euthanizing them. I bet he also wants a vet to state that the animals were euthanized because they were terminally ill, a vicious fighting pitbull or unable to survive as a neonate. I have a feeling Feldman is not into lying to help Boks. Boks needs someone to lie for him like in NY when he didn't include owner requested euthanasia.