China Bans Dog Meat During Olympics

Beginning a month before the Olympics, sales of dog meat was banned in the 112 official Olympic
restaurants in Beijing, and all other restaurants were discouraged from serving same.

The Koreans did the same during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.
I am sure that this is yet another reason for the crackdown on all methods of getting information out of the country, and denying tourists access to areas that had been promised access.
The government was just pretending it was going to be open all along, jut like PLM Villaraigosa was pretending to be a reformer, and knew it would shut down the day the first reporters arrived.
I wish people everywhere would be as offended by seeing the cadavers of any animal, as many are of dog or cat.


Anonymous said...

The tragedy and violence of poverty; a social, mental and emotional disease.

People so desperately ill that they eat man's best friend. Let the poor females breed and breed until they torture and kill her, hang her and eat her.


Did you know that only a few blocks away from you a family dog was stabbed and hung last week?

The guy's who stabbed the dog and hung him wanted to shut the dog up because the three lady's dogs were barking at them when they burned and blew a car up across the street from her.

The woman's little girls came over to my house to tell me that their dog had been attacked by another dog---the mom lied to the girls because she didn't want them to know what really happened to the dog.

The woman didn't have any money to pay the $300 the emergency vet charged to keep the dog over night. They gave the dog back to the woman without doing anything for her.

An animal control officer responded to the neighbor's call about the hanged dog...his head was hanging between wires and the dog's paws were stabbed trying to rip his way out of the wires where his head was stuck.

The dog was a pitbull mix. The guys shot the dog with some kind of silencer first and tranquilized it. Then jumped over the fence at 1a.m. to stab and hang the dog.

The woman was too scared to come out when she heard the guns go off.

I couldn't help the woman financially.

An officer demanded that she immeditately take the dog to the vet to have it treated for his wounds or he would have her arrested.

The woman said she couldn't take the dog because she couldn't afford to pay the bills. Her husband died of cancer two years ago; left her with three children, and her son was killed in a motorcyle accident. She's been through a lot.

She just told the officer that she would pray for the dog.

The officer told her that prayer wasn't going to do any good; the dog needed medical attention and if the dog was dead by the morning as a result of not getting the treatment he needed, she was going to be charged with neglect.

They went back to another vet and begged him to help out. The dog's lungs were full of fluid by then.

The vet helped. But this is going to happen to her again. She has three dogs, all unaltered. I told her about the spay and neuter vouchers and spaymobiles for low-income families. I don't think she gets it.

At least one of the dogs is a female. Looks just like the dog from the Little Rascals. Really Cute.

Only two hours ago I was talking with this woman about her dog and asking how the dog was doing. I haven't seen the dog, so I was worried.

She said the dog was getting better. She said she got some flea control from a friend who's dog had died; took the dog inside and applied the flea control so that the fleas and ticks wouldn't get inside the dog's wounds. The woman can't even afford flea control for her dogs and they get stabbed and hanged just because they are barking, trying to notify someone that there were suspicious people across the street.

The car was set on fire and the dog was stabbed and hung.

Now I see this picture of all these unaltered dogs who have been bred to death and then hung.

God what a horrible world we live in.

I was taking a nice walk, and then I run into a living nightmare. Dear God, I'm praying for this woman that her dogs won't get stabbed and hung again.

Only about two years ago a Chinese man was stabbed at 9p.m. right across the street from her just because someone wanted the only $5 bill that was in the man's wallet.

Makes you want to cry and cry at the horrible injustice that these little helpless animals have to suffer at the hands of morbid, violent, crazed people.

Enough to stab and hang a dog by his neck and bear his paws between barbed wire.

God-if there is a God-- must hurt so much and must scream at the top of his lungs to see this happening.

There must be a God. The dog survived. AT least that is what the woman said. The vet treated the dog and gave him antibiotics.

Then the woman fed the dog with a feeding tube she had lying around when her husband was ill. She cleaned the dog's wounds with the saline in the saline bag that was left behind by her husband.

But the dogs hanging in this picture? My God; My God, Why hast thou abandoned Me, they must cry out. You can just hear them as they hang there on their cross, innocent little creatures. Man's best friend, loyal as a Little Lamb.

The TEARS, Flowing, flowing without purpose.

This must change. MY GOD, THIS MUST CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ed Muzika said...

Itis not poverty in China--it is custom, just as in Korea, Vietnam and the Phillipines aaaa9sp?). Different mind set. Corruption is a way of life in China as well as an indifference to life.

America is not much better. They kill tens of millions of mammals and ober a billion chicken.

Some in China take cats for their fur and make it into furry toys for the USA and Europe.

It is mind boggling that many think it o.k. as the butcher in your story.

I am all for the ACTF and ALF justice in this situation.

The cop was a nut case too. An asshole with no concept of what is.

Anonymous said...

"Some in China take cats for their fur and make it into furry toys for the USA and Europe."

I had NO idea!

No wonder my cats love those SOFT furry mice from Walmart!

Oh, NO!

I will tell the woman with the dog about ACTF. It never even occured to me, I was in such a state of shock when she told me this. The first dog the guys hung was a Chocolate Pit. A female.

Thank you for reminding me about ACTF! I sure wish I could get a hold of ALF about this, but I have no idea what they would do about the poor dogs or how to catch those guys. The first dog is dead; the second severely injured and left barely alive; The butchers at large.

I wonder if it was the same people who ran over my cats now. They left a huge hole on one of them and dumped him in the bushes.

The vet said the hole was due to the impact of the vehicle, but then how in the world would the cat drag himself from the middle of the street where the car hit him and then end up in front of my neighbors house deep inside a bush for me to find at midnight.

The first cat stabbed, so I think now, and the second crushed. Both left quadraplegic and unable to move. Only the one with the hole on his side was able to move his head. Now I'm beginning to think it was a stab wound.

How do you get a hold of ALF? What can they do?

If AC got a report about the stabbed dog, wouldn't ACTF automatically get a report, do you think?

I am so terrified for my cats now and the rest of that lady's dogs.

These guys have made it custom to torture and mame, just like China, Korea, Vietnam, and the Phillipines, it seems.

No wonder my husband's friend is married to a wife who can't go near a dog or cat. She's from South Korea.

Her house is spic and span. Won't let her husband have a dog. The husband follows 10 feet behind her in everything.

I can't sleep over this whole thing.

Thank you for being so responsive, Mr. Muzika.

Ed Muzika said...

ALF will not take action in this case as they are focused on animal researchers now. It was a wish I expressed.

I do recommend calling the police saying the act on one of your cats was recent and charging that neighbor with the crime. Force them to write the complaint.

They will refuse to write the comolaint as they want to keep their crime stats down. INSIST!!

If they still refuse, call the desk office of that precint and explain the situation. Insist they write a report.

Call the ACTF--daily. They will not want to come and mix with potentially armed and violent criminals. But insist.

Inform your councilmember, and stat both the LAPD and the ACTF refuse to act, that they only go after defensely alleged hoarders.

Send a cc to the Mayor, Chief Bratton, Ed Boks, ACTF and the desk officers that refused to take your complaint.

Once I know a person who was doing something similar to a neighbor's cats, and had been warned a few times directly by the cat owner. The cat owner had complained many times to the police and they refused to act just like the cops refused to act when Madow complained about the neighbor attacking the cats.

One night 4 of the cat-owner's friends showed up with guns and went to the door and talked to the offending neighbor. They moved out a week later.

Another one in a similar situation had his RV torched in the middle of the evening.

There are assholes like Martinez, the Times writer of his today's LA Times article that decries anyone who threatens anyone hurting animals and says they should just picket and go to the police.

Don't listen to them; they do not share your love for animals. Scum need to be treated like scum.

Animals are not inferior to humans in terms of needed protection.

Anonymous said...

They also skin dogs and cats alive in China (as we do here to foxes, mink, etc. for their fur), and they make products like coats with dog fur trim, and label it fake fur. YUCK! Don't even buy anything that looks like fur!

That is such a disturbing story about that poor dog. That is why people should keep their dogs in the house unless they can be supervised!!!

Anonymous said...

"They will refuse to write the comolaint as they want to keep their crime stats down. INSIST!!"

Yes. Thank you. It's true. I've complained so many times about different situations and nobody wants to take the complaint. Remember Officer Pro?

Guess who doesn't like to take complaints.

I will insist, however.

Problem is, Teeny Weeny was stabbed (I do think it was a stabbing) exactly two years ago, August. I didn't report it then because the emergency vet (or rather INTERN) said it was from a vehicle impact. Teeny Ween was probably hit by a car and the impact was great, so it put a hole on his side.

I don't think so. The hole on his side was wide open, about 4 1/2" in diameter.

Now that I know that this is the second time the woman's dogs were stabbed, I think the same guys did this to my Teeny Ween.

My Shakyamuni was left lying in the middle of the street with his tail flicking in the air, still alive when the speeder went right over him. 7 cars drove by, according to a woman who drove by and didn't have the stomach to remove Shakyamuni from the middle of the street while she knocked on doors trying to figure out who he belonged to.

His break-away collar was smashed up and ended up on the curb about 15 feet away from where he lay. My neighbor tried to wash out the blood from off the street and she was almost hit by a speeder.

You see...I don't think any of my neighbors did this to my Teeny Ween or Shakyamuni. Teeny Ween was stabbed (or so I think now) in August, and Shakyamuni was crushed by the speeder a month later...September.

I will keep your wonderful suggestions about insisting that the officers take a complaint next time an event like this arises again, and I do happen to know who it is.

The problem is that neither the owner of the stabbed dogs knows who it is, and neither do I.

All we know is that people don't like pit bulls barking at them when they see a suspicious person and are trying to warn their owner against possible danger toward him/her, and they certainly don't like cats, so they fly by the streets as if they don't see them and use them as targets.

I have made a written complaint to the DOT and told them about speeders running over animals on purpose. They try to avoid the boulevards, see cats and they go for it.

Feral Cat Caretakers have it bad. You can't win.

You put the animals in jeapordy because you see a cat on your block, you get it altered, vaccinate it, provide it with medical care, and you kill yourself spending sleepless nights trying to watch out for their health, safety, and well-being, and then a violent crimminal comes around to shoot, stab, hang, and run over it at whim.

I would have to show proof that the cat was stabbed, and the INTERN said the cat was hit by a car.

She was wrong; AND now that I remember, SHE WAS ASIAN for God-sake.

I'm going to have to get a gun.

Do you know that just near where you live there are teenagers and little KIDS going up and down the street playing with stun-guns? A group of them were going up and down the street with that thing.

I called the police and the helicopters went looking for them. TEN cop cars showed up at my house. Those kids were nowhere to be found.

This is happening in OUR neighborhood, Mr. Muzika. Our streets look very nice and properly trimmed on the outside, and the streets have recently been resurfaced, but everything seems very quiet when school is out. But the seeming quietness is all misleading.

You know what you said about the asians and the heinous crimes they commit against the dogs and cats:

"Itis not poverty in China--it is custom, just as in Korea, Vietnam and the Phillipines aaaa9sp?). Different mind set. Corruption is a way of life in China as well as an indifference to life"----

I will never forget it. I told my husband that I think I'm becoming quite a racist now with the goings on of Villaragosa and his Lustful ways with food and women, and lack of regard for animals, and now with these asians.

You are so right. It has nothing to do with poverty. It's a way of life.

My husband says that maybe I'm not a racist, but a cultur-ist now.

Sin upon sin. Where it is possible for a soul to be transformed one at a time, whole cultures need to be transformed.

Whole cultures are born evil. It's a way of life.

Who is it now that eats the brains of live monkey's as a delicatessen with the poor monkey trapped underneath a table and their heads cut open so that only their brain is exposed at the dining table as the people eat?

My husband says it's in Korea. And I thought I had just seen this in a horror movie at one time, and it happens to be true?!

I'm trying so hard not to fall into hatred for people of a different race. I'm no different.

You don't have to post this. I'm just talking to you because you've been so understanding and responsive in regard to the plight of these creatures on our streets, in China and at Pierce. AND THOSE POOR GORGED DUCKS our Mayor is eating live (yes, he might as well be eating them alive, I am sorry to say.)

Anonymous said...

God what a horrible world we live in.

Anonymous said...

To poster #1, the officer should have taken the dog to the vet for compilation of forensic evidence against the people, as well as for treatment.

I hope Boks or some officer is reading this. DO YOUR JOB. If the person cannot afford vet care, then you should have seized the dog and provided it with the care needed. I hope this woman remembers the name of the officer. If you are still reading this blog, would you please provide it? Please, also, provide the date and address. One of us will forward it to the department.

Anonymous said...

"To poster #1, the officer should have taken the dog to the vet for compilation of forensic evidence against the people, as well as for treatment"

You are absolutely right. The officer, whose name I do not know, because she didn't take the name (I'll ask if I see her--you can't get into her yard. It's got an iron gate and the dogs bark)--said that the officer did want to take the dog (the recently stabbed dog) because he wanted to get him treated by a veterinarian.

The woman said the officer adamantly wanted to take the dog, but the woman said she refused to allow him to take the dog because she believed in God and she was going to pray for the dog. The officer said that the dog would be taken to the vet for treatment and then placed for adoption.

Now, I gave the little girls the names of several low cost vets where her mom could take the dog to get treated. But they couldn't even afford the original $300 to treat the dog.

They finally took the dog to the vet and when I went out there to get a Pet PRess for the woman today to place in her mailbox (so that she could see about FREE spay and neuter coupons for her chihuahua and pit bulls), I asked the receptionist if the woman was going to bring the dog back for a follow-up exam. I reminded the girl that the woman could not afford treatment or a follow-up visit.

The receptionist said that her manager took care of everything. The manager placed an ad on Craigslist asking for donations and pledges for the dog, treated the dog, and sent the woman home with antibiotics.

An officer went back to the woman's home to check whether the dog had been treated, and said that the woman showed a veterinary bill. That was the original $300 bill that she got from a veterinarian by the railroad tracks--the bill the woman is not able to pay.

When the officer said that what they wanted to see was that the dog got treatment. The woman showed a veterinary bill and antibiotics.

I was worried that the dog might have needed further medical care and that the woman might possibly not take the dog back to the vet if she had to pay a fee. Even when I take my cats to be treated by a low-cost vet, the bill is always close to $300, if not more.

The receptionist went to the back room to talk with her manager and came back telling me that the dog was fine now.

That's all the information I got from the vet's office. They're not going to tell me anything. I am not the owner of the dog.

That vet is expensive, so I was concerned that the woman might not returned. But it sounded as if the dog had been checked again since the stabbing and it was fine now. I am hoping that the woman will keep that poor dog inside for the rest of his life now that this has happened to him or those guys are going to come back and finish him off, if not the others as well.

The woman can't afford medical care or flea control. I told her about the Red Barn, but that is still too much for her.

I asked an officer if there are any resources where the woman can go in order to get help for her dogs, should this happen to her again. It most likely will. This is the second stabbing.

The first officer who didn't want to take my report because it was likely that there were no priors, said that a veterinarian can not refuse treatment even if the owner is not able to pay.

Then I asked another officer and he said that medical benefit only applies to injured stray animals, not owned animals.

I was hoping to give the woman some hope in case her dogs got sick in the future or they became injured and needed medical treatment because she is not going to be able to afford it.

Then I found a spay and neuter video on the U-Tube where a woman from Actors and Others talks about the kind of services they provide. I went over to the vet to get the Pet PRess and opened up the page to the page that shows the number to Actors and Others as well as the Free spay and neuter for the dogs.

When I ran into her on the day I was taking a walk, I mentioned Actors and Others to her because it was a name that had occured to me at the time. I asked her to investigate the services that they provide for the future and I mentioned that perhaps they might be able to help her with the $300 bill she still needs to pay the first vet who did not provide any medical treatment except for keeping the dog overnight (as she said).

I do know that Actors and Others is not going to provide medical for her dogs unless she gets them altered. That's for certain.

Well, the dog is fine now, and an officer is going to go back to check on the dog again next week to see how he is progressing.

I asked about whether animal control makes a report automatically with ACTF when this kind of animal cruelty has been perpetrated on a dog.

The answer I got was that if the problem can be resolved at the district, then there is no report; however, if it cannot, then ACTF steps in, as I understand it.

The woman was doing everything possible to keep her dog and she wouldn't give up her dog, apparently because she was going to pray and take it to the vet and beg the vet to treat the dog because she did not want to turn it in to the shelter or have it put to sleep. She just couldn't afford the medical expenses, and she did not want the dog set up for adoption. She and her kids said, "no nobody is going to take the dog, and the dog isn't going to be put to sleep."

She asked her kids, "do you believe in God." The kids said yes. She said then trust that He is going to take care of everything.

Sure enough, the woman took the dog to one of the vets in her area where I suggested and the dog was treated.

I had never heard of such a thing. I have never asked for donations in my life.

She got them, and the vet saved the dog's life. The dog wasn't relinquished to the shelter, and he is home with his owner.

The woman and her kids are extremely happy about the outcome, and I am so surprised and so happy about the fact that the dog is doing ok now.

I have not seen the dog, but the woman says the dog is fine, and the receptionist at the vet's office where the woman took the dog on the following day after it was stabbed said that the dog is fine now.

I sure hope so.

I just hope it doesn't happen again, but I'm not quite so sure of that. I am terrified for those dogs.

I have seen dogs and cats laying on the shoulder on the freeway and in the middle of the road; cats with their heads crushed under vehicles on Nordhoff and Langdon street, just West of Sepulveda boulevard, and even a kitten in the middle of an intersection on Nordhoff and Van Nuys Boulevard.

I've taken dogs and even a puppy from off the middle of the street and placed them off on the curb with some of their guts still left splattered on the road and along the curb on Nordhoff and CAntebury street. A picked up a dog with a stab wound and a bloody brick left next to him. Took him to the shelter to turn him in but the dog had already gone into rigor-mortis;
An emaciated coyote on Yolanda and Nordhoff full of fleas and ticks on the curb.

IT doesn't end. People in North Hills shoot cats and stab dogs--set their tails on fire on Holloween. That's why I stared spaying and neutering everything I saw in the most rotten, gang-infested parts of town. Then left them there to die.

I'm no different than the chinese who hang those dogs and put them out there for show.

Anonymous said...

"If the person cannot afford vet care, then you should have seized the dog and provided it with the care needed."

The woman wanted her dog back and she wasn't going to get it back.

The woman felt the dog might have been euthanized.

When she took the dog to the vet on the following day, the vet found fluid in the dog's lungs. I'm assuming the fluid was succioned if the dog is fine now.
I really have to trust the the dog is ok now. IT's the future of all the animals on the streets that I fear; and now, within their own front yards, even.

If the officer "did his job" the dog might never have seen his family again; he would have been stuck in a cage for who knows how long, before...well, you know the end result. He was not a lap dog, you know?

" Please, also, provide the date and address."

Remember how someone said it was illegal to post somebody's home address on the web? I don't want the woman to get hurt by angry people in any way. This whole thing is extremely upsetting and it can cause harm to someone. I don't want to do that.

Now that the dog is ok, I don't want the woman's dogs to get hurt.

Remember when Mr. Muzika posted Faye Dunaway's address on this blog and some people didn't like it? Same thing. I can't do that, as much as I would loved for the department to be immediately responsive at that moment.

But the miracle is that the dog is ok, now, he got the medical treatment he needed, and he's back with his family, and inside the house for now (I wish it were forever).

Besides, if this gets back to the woman after posting her address on this blog, wouldn't you suppose that someone is going to come after me after one or a few of the readers go over there and she divulges where I live? That would put my cats into more jeapordy.

More people driving up and down the street, more of a chance for these neighborhood cats to get smashed, including a squirrel or two.

I wish I could tell you more. I just can't do that. It's not legal and it isn't safe for anyone, including the animals on the street.

I sure wish people would spay and neuter the cats they are feeding and the dogs they are keeping, though. That would cut down on some of the needless death and suffering out in this part of town.

Anonymous said...

"Remember how someone said it was illegal to post somebody's home address on the web? I don't want the woman to get hurt by angry people in any way. This whole thing is extremely upsetting and it can cause harm to someone. I don't want to do that."

Posting a name and address on the web with intent to harm falls under harassment laws (electronic activity). Under the soon to be enacted 2296, such posting of animal researchers' pics and addresses (with intent to harm) will also be illegal.

Reporting (providing names and addresses)an alleged crime to a government agency by email is not illegal. Providing the info through a member of the public who would, then, forward it to law enforcement would not be illegal because it doesn't fall under "intent to harm." The woman could state that this is the purpose of her email. She should send it to one person with the request to forward it to law enforcement. I certainly understand her concerns about such info being out there on the net; good point. You are right; it could have unintended consequences. So, perhaps someone who knows this person can provide her with the email address of the GM, a commissioner or an ACO.

I still maintain that the officer may have been remiss in doing his/her job in two ways (assuming these posts are accurate). He/she should have demanded seeing the dog (showing vet bills and bottles of antibiotics does not suffice). In addition, it doesn't sound like an investigation ensued (by the district or ACTF). If abuse is alleged, an investigation must occur whether or not the "owner" of the dog cooperates.

I'm sure the woman loves her dog and I appreciate her trust in God. I also appreciated that God gave us a brain so that we don't just sit back and expect Him/Her to fix everything. Perhaps the woman should be told about "dominion." Given her faith, she might take a more proactive approach if this part of the Bible was clarified.

Anonymous said...

You must know that you are a hater.
Your OCD with Villaraigosa's ethnicity and the Chinese people's thousands of years of culture is pure racism.

You are a racist hater and everyone can see the real you.

Anonymous said...

"You are a racist hater and everyone can see the real you."

Yes, Edward is a racist hater. He hates racism. Duh.

Hating anyone who poisons pets for profit is not racism. Looking the other way because they are from another culture would be racism. Think about it.

Ed Muzika said...

Apparently you haven't heard about poisoned pet food, tainted and poisoned medications (, and childrens' toys, skinning cats for toys, Tibet (according to the Dalai Lama, cultural genocide), the massacre in Tiananmen Square, China's first emperor's (Qin Shi Huang) brutal suppression of Confucianism (buried 800scholars alive) and intellectuals (burned all the books in China), Mao's killing of 12,000,000 people, etc., etc.

China was founded on blood, grew up in blood and remains drenced in blood.

Chinese "culture" is no more cultured than Europe with its endless wars and imperialist suppression of populations around the world.

Regarding Villaraigosa, "pathetic little Mexican" applies to him, not to Mexicans, just as "corrupt, slimey bureaucrats" refers to City Hall staffers not government employees in general.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

As a veterinary professional it makes me sick to hear stories like the one in the first post.

Animals are a responsibility. At the risk of sounding insensitive to the humans, you have NO RIGHT owning animals that you are unable to care for regardless of what that care may be. She was afraid the dog would be euthanized? Does that mean it's better that it suffer without care?

In my job I have been witness to more animal suffering at the hands of their owners who deny proper care due to cost. These animals die slow and agonizing deaths as their owners make excuses for not providing them with the treatment they need.

If you can't afford to care for a pet then don't have one. It's better to adopt them out than to torture them to death.

Ed Muzika said...

The veterinarian profession is much to blame for putting vet care beyond the reach of many people who may have owned animals for years, just as ridiculous medical care costs have put medical treatment beyonf the reach of 30% of Americans.

Don't blame poor people for the cost of vet care near tripling in 15 years. The new vets are greedy and few offer pro bono care anymore.

A blood panel that costs the vet $47, vets are charging $160 and then another ridiculous $4.13 for needle disposal. This is at three clinics.

A typical vet visit cost me maybe $90 fifteen years ago and now it is three times that much or more.

Inflation did not cause a 300% rise in prices during that same time.

What do you mean give them away? How do you give away a dog or cat you've had for 10 years and gone from making $30,000 to Social Security at $13,000? Ever tried to adopt a sick cat?

If you are a vet professional, you know that LAAS kills 16,000 animals a year it can't adopt away.

I have a cat who has cancer. He has had maybe $6,000 care in the last two years. I could never have been able to care for him but we have insurance which has paid for most. One vet gave him, when he was hospitalized, 4 pills a day, Clavamox and Pred at $12 for each pill. You know he did not give the pill.

The vet professionals say we have college loans to repay, etc., but everyone has financial obligations.

Mr. vet professional, it is about helping animals, and not about making $180,000 a year.

What, professional, have you done to bring low cost animal care to the public?

The veterinarian profession has lost its way.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is blaming the poor for the cost of veterinary care. They're blaming them for neglecting animals they had no right owning in the first place.

So convenient how you blame those who don't give services away for free. Yet in Los Angeles one emergency room after another is closing down because their fees go unpaid. It's about helping people right? So explain why all of their labor, utilities, drugs and supplies aren't donated so that they can stay open.

Maybe you should try working at a veterinary practice where people bring their animals in filthy and neglected. Then they turn around and whine about having to pay for the cost of an exam after they've let their beloved pet get to the point where very expensive care is needed. If these people "loved" their pets they would have things like pet insurance. Instead they just want to hold on to them regardless of how much they suffer. That is not how you treat a family member. And what do they do after they can't afford to fix this animal they've owned for 10 years? They go out and get a puppy or kitten to replace it! Who do you think has really lost their way?

Are there dishonest veterinarians out there? Absolutely. Just as many as there are dishonest human doctors. Does that require that the entire profession collapse in order to give away services to those who refuse to care for their animals? Or those who take in cat after cat and then complain how they can't afford it? Good care costs money. I've worked with cheap vets. They don't give good care, but if it makes you happy not to pay while you remain ignorant as to why your pet died anyway, knock yourself out. At least they got the couple hundred bucks that you would have spent somewhere else for the same crappy care. They'd rather take your money and make it look like they tried than listen to you whine about what your pet really needs.

Then there are the decent vets who will give you a treatment plan and when you treat it like an a la carte menu at a fast food joint, they will throw you out of their hospital. Good for them! They would rather not take a dime from you then be associated with crap care.

There is a reason why animals are euthanized in shelters every day, and it's not nearly enough to stop the suffering at the hands of humans.

Until you've worked at a shelter, rescue, or veterinary practice, you have no idea what you're talking about and you are discrediting your own blog with such ridiculous rants. Try having a useful suggestion rather than a childish tantrum about why you don't get what you want for free. Jesus! No wonder these agencies ignore you!

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as low cost animal care. You either care, or you don't. Sounds like you don't.

"Oh, I'll care! Just only if I don't have to pay much."

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Is this woman in the above novel-length stories complaining that the dogs she let run the streets to get stabbed and run over that it's someone else's fault than her own? You let your dogs bark incessantly, run around lose and you are shocked at what happened?

Maybe if you spend half the time training your dogs and keeping them safe in your house or your yard as you spend blaming the rest of the world for your incompetence they would be happy and healthy.

Do you mean to say it was the drivers fault that your dogs were in traffic? Why were they out where they could fall victim to these atrocities?

People are sick and will do horrible things to unprotected animals. You didn't protect your dogs and you deserve to be losing sleep over it. You failed them.

Ed Muzika said...

"I don't think anyone is blaming the poor for the cost of veterinary care. They're blaming them for neglecting animals they had no right owning in the first place."

The same argument holds concerning poor people all over the world who have children. Yes they should have fewer, but the fact is they don't have fewer. Who will take care of them?

Then do you blame them for having too many children and that doctors should not take care of them because they would go broke if they did? Are you sure that you would go broke if you provided 1/3 of your poorer patients, or rescue organizations a significant discount?

You still blame the poor if the children are taken to emergency rooms where they receive inadequate care?

How does your blaming them fix anything except as your justification for making more money and not feeling guilty?

My point was, you are expecting animal owners to know ahead of time how much medical care an animal will need over the next and figure out whether their income in 10 years will be sufficent to cover it.

How can you say I don't care enough to finacially care? One cat has received $6,000 care in one year and I had insurance on the two that died.

You see, all of your calculations and opinion are about cost, profit, money and your blame is on those who don't. This is the corporate attitude. So many private practice vets have been taken over by corporations and their fees go up 20% overnight and another 15% a year after that.

Forget that the the poor took on more obligation than they could afford, possibly out of ignorance, or perhaps a mother died and left a dog and three cats for them to take care of.

I would ask you, what is the responsibility of doctors to take care of patients brought to them? Just tell them they don't treat poor people and go to County? I guess so. Where is your compassion? I see you avaoiding any mention of your healing profession having any responsibility for providing care.

Regarding low cost care being inadequate, you need to know that Dr. Feldman, Chief vet at LAAS did provide low cost and excellent vet care at Value Vet in the West Valley for several years before going to LAAS.

Value Vet is growing by leaps and bounds because of providing at least adequate vet care at 2/3 the cost or less than VCA or a gouger like you appear to be.

You assume all "good" vets are as greedy as you and that is not the case.

As an example, my neighbor had a cat with a lump on his leg. She took him to Value Vet where the vet felt the lump looked "suspicious' and need to be removed. The cat had obvious dental problems also.

Here is what Value Vet charged:

$100 for the anestheia and IV. $45 for pre-orative blood work. $90 for the lump removal. 25$ for the antibiotics and $50 for teeth cleaning. There was another $50 for whatever. And, $100 for the biopsy.

$450 total, and $350 for the work performed by the clinic. Do you know how much that would cost at VCA?

Anonymous said...

No clue what things cost at a VCA. I don't do corporate veterinary care. I'm not a vet and I don't reap the benefits of veterinary fees. I am speaking to you as one who has been in the veterinary profession for several years with experience in shelters, rescues and private practice. I have worked at low cost practices. I have seen Dr. Feldman in action. This proves to me that you have no idea what you're talking about.

As I said before, there are good vets that would rather turn clients away who refuse to pay for recommended care than be a party to substandard treatment and make the few hundred bucks only to prolong suffering. Some vets and their staff simply don't want that guilt on their conscience being a party to neglect. They choose to spend their efforts on the cases they can help. You would rather that care be deteriorated so that watered down care can be provided and suffering can continue.

Who will take care of the poor's children? Have you seen Los Angeles? Thanks to that philosophy the entire population is suffering from less emergency rooms. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you contact Michael Moore or your local congressman. At least there still is a county hospital where humans can go. They won't go bankrupt. Their lines just get longer and longer until people begin to die in the waiting room. But the care is free, right? You may want to ask yourself why these children receive inadequate care at these facilities and then start another blog about how corrupt the medical profession is, why the best care available isn't free, and why resources aren't unlimited. Good luck with that.

How does my holding people responsible for their own animals fix anything? By holding them responsible for their own animals. It's not the veterinary community's responsibility to pay for those who continue to acquire pets they can't afford. It's easy not to own a pet. That's why we have so many rescues and shelters and that's why so many of these animals are euthanized. Better than than a slow and painful death at the hands of their owner's neglect. It's why the vets I work with, my coworkers and I own so many animals surrendered to us by owners who would rather their pets get the care they need, than keep them untreated. And you ask where our compassion is. What a joke!

" are expecting animal owners to know ahead of time how much medical care an animal will need over the next and figure out whether their income in 10 years will be sufficent to cover it."

Absolutely 100% correct! Care for your pet or find someone else who can. They deserve more than having to bear your hardships.

"...what is the responsibility of doctors to take care of patients brought to them? Just tell them they don't treat poor people and go to County?"

It is the doctor's responsibility to provide the best care with the resources they have. If they don't have the resources to give that care away for free, then yes they have to send those patients to County. Again, you think you can impose your will on the economy based on what you consider ethical. Practicality completely escapes you and you use the convenience of ethics to try and prove your point. Bang that drum all day long, Mr. Muzika. See how far it gets you.

"How can you say I don't care enough to finacially care?"

I never did. I was spoke of those who refused care due to cost. If that is you and the shoe fits, then wear it.

"So many private practice vets have been taken over by corporations and their fees go up 20% overnight and another 15% a year after that."

It's because they can no longer afford to stay in business, you ignorant ass!

Where is my compassion? With animals. All of them. Including the ones who suffer to death because their owners refuse them care, which is why I chose to speak out and hold these people responsible for their actions. Those who hold the rest of the world responsible for their ignorance while their pets, who deserve better, suffer.

You assumed I was a vet. You assume Dr. Feldman and Value Vet provide good care. Do you think your neighbor's cat was given a preanesthetic to reduce his stress and pain, or do you think he was thrown in an anesthesia box and gassed down while thrashing disoriented? Do you think he was monitored while under anesthesia and recovered under supervision, or do you think he was thrown is a cage the minute the gas was turned off? Do you think he was given adequate pain relief? How would you know, he can't talk! You think everything was done to see that this experience was the least stressful and painful for this cat? Your ignorance is astounding.

Of course Value Vet is growing by leaps and bounds! There is no shortage of ignorance out there of people like you who will believe whatever they tell you if the price is right. I've worked at low cost clinics, I've seen how these animals are treated and who treats them. The person performing that cat's dental was flipping burgers the week before. But since he'll work for $8/hour, he got the job. Or did you think vets do dentals? Oh, Lord!

Your ignorance is astounding.

Anonymous said...

The same argument holds concerning poor people all over the world who have children. Yes they should have fewer, but the fact is they don't have fewer. Who will take care of them?

Not my kids. Not my problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about what vets and owners "should" do, but a lot of vets won't take cases where owners refuse recommended treatment. They can lose their licenses for providing less than optimum care. Especially if and when the patient dies. The owner who couldn't/wouldn't pay for treatment all of a sudden has all the money in the world and sues the vet for malpractice. I've seen in happen and these people aren't worth it. Help who you can and don't risk your career over these deadbeat bullies. You can't help any animals if you don't have a license.

Also not a vet, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I commented on the first poster, but the responses get even more creepy. I can't believe you are all for real.

I wouldn't want to eat dog, but people eating dog is cannibalism? How so?

When did this torture story take place with the boys stabbing and hanging the dog? Last week or a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. You are complaining about your cats that got hit by a car and stabbed in your neighborhood!


Don't you know that cats are much healthier kept as house pets?