Feldman Out as Chief Vet; a Friend of Boks In

Two weeks ago Boks told the Animal Service Commissioners that Steve Feldman was being demoted and a vet from Maricopa County (surprise, surprise) was going to take his place.

So far as I know, there never has been any animal community complaints against Feldman.

Boks is appointing a crony.

Rumor also has it that Feldman was demoted because he knows me.

I am sorry Steve if this is the case.

I know that some of Feldman's accomplishments were to increase the quality of food fed the animals as well as creating a more environmentally friendly atmosphere for them. He also organized further training for the RVT's through Internet courses from a major vet school. All this I learned before Ed and I were no longer friends so I have no idea what happened later.

I can hardly wait to find out who the new guy is and interview him as well as follow his career. Maybe he'll be a good guy. Of course, if he is a Friend of Boks we'll even know less about what is going on inside LAAS.

Next Commission meeting is next Monday in the North Valley shelter as 6 p.m. Be there with questions. I think I'll invite Ron Mason and Marc Madow.


Anonymous said...

If Feldman was officially appointed or hired as the Chief Vet, he cannot be "demoted." The chief vet does not serve at the GM's pleasure, It's civil service, I think.
Was he acting Chief Vet? If he was demoted, then he was just the acting Chief Vet.

Ed Muzika said...

He was Chief vet.

I think they floated a new application for Chief Vet and Boks' friend got the job.

Go Figure. I am on to this one.

Anonymous said...

Feldman is a good, caring vet that works his ass off, especially when there weren't hardly any vets working for the city.


Anonymous said...

He was "acting" Chief Vet.

Anonymous said...

Feldman was acting chief vet, not chief vet. It was a temporary position. Feldman took the job thinking he'd be chief vet. He really wanted to turn the department around and save animals. Over time he realized the futility of it all. Boks only cares about the numbers. He'd rather an animal die on its own from lack of vet care than be euthanized and counted as a "euth." Feldman did not see it the same way. He felt that animals dying should be euthanized humanely instead of being allowed to die in pain.

Ed Muzika said...

It is my understanding he became Ating Chief soon after hired in February 2007 and became Chief vet sometime early this year.

I may be wrong.

Anonymous said...
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Ed Muzika said...

Previous poster.

You are anonymous. Why should we believe you? This is the problem with anonymous allegations.

Is this the only evidence, and of what?

Put all eggs in one basket, what the hell are you talking about? That is a meaningless complaint as none of use were putting any eggs in Feldman's basket.

I just know he was extremely compassionate when he euthed two of my cats years ago. These were the only two euths I have experienced or seen over a period of 15 years where the animals NEVER showed the slightest anxiety and died very peacefully.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's illegal to euth an animal in California by intracardiac injection if they are conscious. There is no reason to euth that way. Euth into the peritoneal cavity, fast, painless. The only time I've seen a vet euth into the heart was after they'd given euthanol to determine that the animal was dead. You put a needle in there and wait until it stops ticking, then it's dead. Generally they just do that to teach people about euth. It's not standard protocol.

If there was an animal dying and Feldman knew it, he should have told the vet tech to euth it. He himself does not have to perform the euth. Maybe Feldman hadn't examined the animal and didn't know how bad off he was. Feldman is a caring person.

Anonymous said...
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Ed Muzika said...

Why did you tell me if you didn't want me to believe and post? Don't kid yourself.

I do not accept only what I already believe, I also accept what I see.

When it comes to Boks I have developed MANY credible sources over the past 18 months as well as during the 12 months I worked closely with Boks.

I also have access to the dept statistics--which I do analyze for readers--and I have gotten more info from Requests for Public Records.

This statement about Feldman does not mention the context, what he saw, what others saw, what he said to any tech and the time sequences.

What you provided was an observation without a context and an opinion. And, even if true as you state it, does not dismiss months and months of good work.

Even then, if true, was Feldman made aware of the extent of the cats injuries?

Did he tell a tech to euth the cat? Vets normally don't do such, especially with a crowd around.

Why on hell do you keep mentioning that I wrote about a blown vein? I never did. It was clear in that post I was quoting the author of another blog, Ryan Olshan. I even had quotes around that sentence. So apparently you do not read at all and just respond about what you hear I read--rumor.

Why do you say I used the phrase intracardiac injection in the same context?

I NEVER used the phrase intrcardiac injection. It was you or someone else making a comment about intracardiac injection.

I aks you over and over again, can't you read?

I'll say it again: I never used the words intracardiac or blown vein. You misread or didn't read at all.

Therefore, how trustworthy are your other observations?

I have seen far more euths than two buddy over 15 years. I have brought my own, I have been with friends who have lost animals.

Again, you did not read what I wrote. You misinterpreted.

Who says I have no cedibility? Several newspaper reporters say I have very good sources.

AND, I do have experience; I did work for a vet, at Value Vet at Centinella and Pico many years ago, and I did perform basic procedures. It was a very small office. The vet was good but nuts. I quit because I refused to participate in surgeries and didn't like getting bitten. Large dogs with muzzles on scare me.

Anonymous said...

When was this cat in question euthanized? date, time.

Who was present? Please, list the 30 people.

Where was this specifically in which shelter?

What is the ID number of the cat? or at least description?

Who witnessed Dr. Feldman give an intracardiac injection to a conscious cat? It's only illegal if the cat was conscious.

I think you witnessed a peritoneal injection and just thought it was intracardiac because you had a bad angle. ADL made the same mistake in their stupid undercover video.

There is no reason why a vet would give an intracardiac injection to a conscious cat. It makes no sense, no much easier to do peritoneal. Feldman is a caring man. That would be intentional torture. This is the guy that suggested that all animals be sedated before getting the final shot of pento.

I'm certified in euthanasia in California. I know how to do it and the law. I've witnessed many euthanasias.

Anonymous said...

"Rumor also has it that..."

You common guttersnipe! You rumor monger! You prevaricating palaverating, long-noised old hen!
You open your mouth and the hot moist wind from your lying empty skull somehow hits the keyboard! How do you type?
How do you feed yourself?
Your total lack of comprehension of anything you blab on and on about is astounding!
You are truly an idiot! You know nothing! You don't even know you are a moron!
You should keep your hypocritical, anti-Christian mouth shut before you warm up the climate even more.

Ed Muzika said...

I use the term "rumor" because I do not want to reveal my sources.

As I have asked before, does your mother know you talk this way?

She never washed your mouth out with soap?

If you were half as knowledgeable as you claim, you'd inform. Since you are not informing, but attempting to ridicule, we know you have nothing to offer, no truth.

You are a "poser" someone posing as being knowledgeable when in fact you have nothing. Maybe Boks hired you, or you attack at his bidding as I did in the past until I found out who he was.

You say you are anonymous because you have inside dope and don't want to lose that status. Why would an insider fear losing inside connections by defending Boks? Do you think Boks would cut you off when you are defending him or attacking me?

As I have said over and over, Boks defenders have little in the way of logic and resort to name calling.

McCain has several positions open for you.

Anonymous said...

"No-kill" = warehousing, de-socialization, fights, disease, animals dying in the shelters. Adoption rates do not go up just because you keep every unadoptable animal indefinitely.

The people of Los Angeles are creating the problem by tolerating imported mill dogs (or dogs from Mexico) and buying them, breeding and abandoning pit bulls, allowing their dogs to run free and not spaying or neutering.

The general manager does not matter if the shelter managers and kennel supervisors continue to be civil service types who tolerate the employee laxity that leads to inhumane conditions.

Anonymous said...

Boks appointed a crony in NYC as well, and ended up getting sued over it. He appointed a personal friend who had a felony conviction and no experience. He fired a black man who had years of experience. That case is still pending.

Boks is known for appointing cronies who will cover for him and hide his misdeeds.

Ed Muzika said...

The Chief vet is an "exempt" position. No civil service coverage. I don't think any exempt employee can be fired at wlll, but there is less protection.

Ed Muzika said...

I really think the person with the claimed insider knowledge is Irene Ponce who was Boks attack girl 8 months ago after Atake was forced off the commission.

This was her style then and again now, a narcisistic character with a swelled head and a Boks to defend.