Vegetarian Running in Congressional 27th

I recently met Navraj Singh who is running for Congress against Democrat Brad Sherman.

Singh is a Republican, all of whom I tend to consider as bad as Villaraigosa at heart. Can you imagine anyone running as a Republican this year?

In any event, Singh--a Sikh--has owned and operated strings of restaurants, usually Indian restaurants for 35 years, which, of course makes him as incompetent as any to lead this nation's government, just as Tony leads LA's corrupt government.

Anyway, Singh is a vegetarian, 2 oz of milk in his tea each day away from being Vegan. He said anything that hurts animals he'll strongly oppose and anythings that helps animals he will strongly support.

Unfortunately, he supports increased oil drilling but also supports increased immigration. He is from India of course. He wants national universal health care, but naturally through the insurance companies backed by government. He is a Republican, what do you expect?

He says he will not accept money from any special interest group and will donate his entire salary to veteran groups. He won't accept Congressional health care for himself, nor any pension.

He is for the usual Republican stuff of reducing "Wasteful government spending" which usually means cutting social service programs, but at the same time supports increased care for the elderly. So, is he a Republican or Democrat? You ask him.

He has two dogs, which is 200% better than Obama.

Anyway, I have no doubt he would be tough on any laws that increase meat eating, killing animals, vivisection, killing off herds of wild horses, and maybe sponsor a national No-Kill effort.

I'll call him about that. He gave me his cell number.

Singh's website:

Looking at his website he appears to be a typical Republican in many ways, and not in a few. No taxes on Social Security income, yet drill the crap out of Alaska. Go figure. I would never, ever vote for him if he were not vegetarian and pro animal.

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