See What I Saw in Obama

I think hillary was screwed; I don't know him, but look how he speaks:,1_1052929_AFHHjkQAAGNvSLjHUAYm0xy1wQ0,1_1052525_AFfHjkQAABc2SLi3Sgb6jVLFA6U,1_1052116_AFjHjkQAAEl5SLi1fACEhU3OXlU,1_1051340_AFLHjkQAAAC%2FSLiCcApBgFhbCyg,1_1051724_AFXHjkQAAG3TSLiNZwH6AjNMcMw,


Anonymous said...

sorry, can't see what you saw in Obama because the link requires a username and password.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you think Hillary got screwed. She was the presumptive winner before the primaries began. She had a dysfunctional staff who miscalculated the primary process right from the get go. When she lost Iowa she lost the race. The money in her campaign was mismanaged and she's mad that Obama supporters won't help her pay down her debt?

Hillary was a great candidate, especially in the last 5 weeks of the campaign.

But when she knew she was losing she wanted to change the rules SHE AGREED ON, the same rules her guy Harol Ickes helped establish, and wanted Florida and Michigan's votes to count in total.

Hillary didn't get screwed. She screwed herself. Rather, if it wasn't for Bill Clinton screwing around with Monica, the country never would have been in the situation it's been in for the past 8 years.

But Hillary and Bill gave GREAT speeches last week. I applaud them for at least appearing as if they are part of one, unfied deomocratic party.

Ed Muzika said...

Of course she got screwed.

Do you think the top 2-3 candidates make it on their own merit?

No, the top runners from the beginning are those chosen by the power brokers in each party.

Do you think Obama would have gotten anywhere withiut his keynote address at the last convention, or without the Kennedy's gushing endorcements 18 months ago?

Do you think the Kennedy's are not trying to bring down the Clintons a biut so that they could gain more power in the party and maybe run their own candidate again in 8 years?

Obama was the chosen one way before Hillary's loss of Iowa. After that she bungled.

Now of all the Democrats running against Obama/Hillary was Biden who was as good as Hillary when it came to detail policy, but his grasp of foreign affairs was much better.

He was a good to great speaker trumped by Obama being a brilliant speaker, but otherwise Obama had noting to match.

Yet Biden never got more than 6% of the vote in any state. Why, becausee he was not the party's chosen.

Now the bigwhigs recognize his qualities and he is the VP pick.

We don't choose the president, we get to choose among the 2-3 chosen ones who get the endorsements and party support before the first primary.

At least Hillary and Bill earned it.

Anonymous said...

Hillary did not get screwed. She FEELS she got screwed because she believed she deserved it.

Biden is qualified, and so probably was Chris Dodd, even Edwards, as well as Hillary. Obama has qualifications, but not as many as the previously mentioned. But if you look at who we have as our current president you will see that people don't vote for the most qualified candidate. Sorry, but that's the country Hillary ran in.

Initially, even though Edwards addressed more of the issues I care about, like justice and povery, I was going to vote for either Hillary or Obama in the primary because I felt it was important to show a radically different face to the world.

Up to the California primary I didn't see a huge difference between Obama and Hillary, but I ended up voting for Obama because he had Samantha Power as an advisor, and I thought that boded well (until Power mouthed off inadvisedly and got "resigned").

But after the Califonia primary the differences in how Clinton and Obama conducted themselves became stark and dramatic. The Clintons proved the only thing they learned from Karl Rove was how to imitate him. Their behavior became whiny, petty, manipulative, nasty -- in a word, appalling.

And the bottom line is, you can't whine that you want a rule-change when the game stops going your way. She had a lead, she had tremendous mind-space, and she blew it.

I'm a card-carrying absolute feminist but the fact is it doesn't seem to have occurred to a lot of people that the first time we had a serious woman candidate she might lose. That's how it works. Most of the candidates lose, and only one wins. That's the game, people.

Obama didn't screw Hillary. He played the game better and cleaner, with a WHOLE LOT less resources at the start, and he won. Part of being a legitimate competitor is not whining when you get beat. In that sense, Hillary has definitely hurt women.

As for Clinton supporters who say they'd vote for McCain, I suggest they ask themselves what's REALLY going on in their subconscious minds. Because McCain is a bad guy who would screw up this country, rescind women's right to own their own bodies, and who consummately cynically picked a catastrophically unqualified VP candidate, which Obama did NOT do.

I think if you can tell yourself that McCain/Palin would be better for this country's future than Obama/Biden then you are not facing some serious racist issues. I absolutely cannot find any other basis.