ACTs Will Not Be Laid Off

From Carla Hall's blog:

This just in: The 28 animal care technicians (ACTs) who were scheduled to lose their jobs in the fall at Los Angeles municipal shelters will not be fired.

The technicians were scheduled to be cut as part of citywide budget cuts. But shelter officials, volunteers, local animal rescuers and the workers themselves pleaded with City Council members at a meeting this month to find a way to keep them on for the sake of the animals.

"We have gotten a commitment from the mayor's office that we're not going to have to lay anyone off," said Ed Boks, general manager of L.A. Animal Services.

He says he got the word at a meeting in City Hall Monday morning. "Of course we are relieved.... The details need to be worked out."

Those details would be where the money comes from. At least some of it may come from revenue yet to be collected from city residents with extra -- or extra large -- city trash bins. Councilman Richard Alarcon discovered that the city was not collecting fees it was owed. It remains to be seen how much the city will really reap when they bill people. -- Carla Hall

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Anonymous said...

I live in the City. I have an extra trash bin. The city always charged me for it and I always paid it. What do you mean they weren't collecting this fee? It sounds like they billed some people who just didn't pay. How do they think they can effectively collect money from people who already refused to pay?