Has Tony Gone Too Far?

When I was in graduate school and did something really stupid, I had a professor warn me, "Ed, don't piss in your pool of good will!"

Well, I think Tony has had his last pee on the LA animal community; there is no hope left. He baited us just to thumb his nose at us.

Well Tony, expect no quarter. You may finally have committed one last stupid, vindictive and vengeful act against the animal community, and now we are out to get you.

This story just went up on Indybay an hour ago:

Yesterday in the LA Times the Mayor posted a list of his favorites restaurants. Besides having expensive tastes he also has cruel tastes. His favorite restaurant in LA is pricey Patina. He says their foie gras is "great." He admits to eating this cruel $28 appetizer every time he visits the restaurant.

In July 2006 Antonio went out to lunch with an LA Times journalist for an interview. Antonio ordered foie gras and a $140 bottle of red wine declaring it a "good value." We the citizens of LA paid for his cruel "value" meal. And what's he doing drinking an entire bottle of wine on the job in the day time? Maybe this is how he got in trouble with his mistress and destroyed his marriage and family

After the Times ran the article animal lovers everywhere made sure to educate Antonio on foie gras. Foie gras is the liver of a goose or duck that's been force fed. They shove metal feeding tubes down their throats to inject massive amounts of fattening food a few times a day. Their livers become enlarged ten times normal size which causes them to be diseased besides extremely painful. They can no longer walk, their esophagus rips open or they choke on their own vomit. Then they are killed and their livers are fed to rich, ignorant folk who don't care about animals or their own health.

This is a duck who died in her own vomit

Many countries have banned foie gras completely such as Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Israel. Even the pope has claimed that it's a "violation of biblical principles."

Governor Schwarzenneger passed a bill in 2004 to ban foie gras in California effective 2012.

After being educated about this inhumane food in 2006 Antonio told animal lovers that he'd make more conscious food decisions in the future.

Since then the animal community in Los Angeles has vocally turned against Villaraigosa because of the dismal performance of his appointed Director of Animal Services Ed Boks. Euthanasia has increased over 30% and three times as many animals are dying on their own because of lack of care.

Because of budget cuts necessary from Antonio's expensive tastes--Spago caters all of the Mayor's events--32 Animal Control Technicians will soon be fired. People with families will soon have no job while our Mayor eats expensive foie gras and bragging about it.

By publicly telling the world that foie gras is "great" and he eats it all the time he is very publicly hitting animal lovers in the face with a two by four. You know he really wanted to say "I eat kittens and puppies alive!" but an aide probably edited that out of his list. This is one petty and vengeful little Mayor.

As of the writing of this article there were 480 who hated his list and 248 who "enjoyed" it.

Everyone, go and vote here http://theguide.latimes.com/profiles/4170/lists/170885
Tell the Mayor that his choice of expensive inhumane food sucks as much as he and his Director of Animal Services.

I can't wait for Antonio's next top ten list, his favorite clothes. You just know he'll brag about wearing baby seal skin, alligator shoes and slippers made out of bunny fur.

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Anonymous said...

Foie gras? How revolting. Why is our Mayor trying to "show off" to the media? "Look at me. I eat foie gras, caviar, fine wines and smoke expensive cigars. I wear expensive designer clothing and only hang out with rich white folk."

Antonio is so blind that he doesn't realize that it's not only cruel but passe to eat foie gras. Only insecure little men trying to impress others eat that shit. It's also bad for you. Antonio is just a poor Mexican who couldn't pass the bar exam, after four tries. He so wants to be a classy rich white dude. You don't become classy by eating foie gras or wearing fancy clothes. Class comes from the inside.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I love foie gras..it is NOT produced as you say.. watch Antony Bourdain and his wonderful show on the Food network and you will see that foie gras producers care for their ducks and geese and follow strict guidelines for production. and that overeating is natural to fowl.. . That said.. foie gras has tons of fat.most of the "public' could only afford it as a luxury item... the very same FAT that Villar wants to keep people from eating in South LA.. ..
Face it the man is a JOKE.. who would think a man who had to INTACT dogs ( fahter and son.. so you know some breeding was going on there)would make it ILLEGAL to breed a dog. or cat in LA.. and difficult to eat a burger in Soyth LA.. why becasue "those people" are OBESE..
Fat is FAT .. Vllar.. either in foie gras or a Big Mac...
wh would have thohgt that a Mexican could also be a NANNY..
Do as I do.. Not as I say.. Out with HIM..

Anonymous said...

Why don't you send him the picture and the video. Send it to his luncheon mates while you're at it.

He doesn't have expensive taste. The man is avaricious, gluttonous; CORRUPT, just like the rest of them.

The higher you go; the bigger the devil.

Why in the world is it taking until 2012 to make it illegal to stop the torture of these ducks?!

Idiot. I hope he chokes on his own vomit after his bottle of wine and fattened duck liver.

Maybe you can get out there to take a picture and send it to his mistress.

Anonymous said...

I found a copy of Antonio's "Plan to make LA animal friendly." He's obviously failed.

Plan to Make LA Animal Friendly
"It has been said that how a society treats animals is a measure of how it treats people. By that standard, L.A. is in trouble on both counts. I want to see a Department of Animal Services that does everything it can every day to increase spay and neuter, increase adoption, improve conditions in its shelters and eliminate euthanasia as a major component of public policy in this city."

-- Antonio Villaraigosa

Our City's Animal Crisis

For too many years the City's Department of Animal Services has been run primarily as a law enforcement agency whose preferred solution to pet overpopulation has been euthanasia. At least 44,000 animals a year are killed in our shelters while the department perpetuates a reputation for conflict and confrontation with the humane community, precisely the people who could help it dramatically reduce the killing. I know this can be accomplished because my family has had the great fortune to have been touched by two beautiful dogs, Butterscotch and Caramelo.

Instead of actively engaging humane activists to maximize animal adoptions and minimize euthanasia, the department has historically erected barriers to cooperation and collaboration. Instead of aggressively pursuing solutions, the department engages in public relations ploys like proposing to call itself a "rescue organization" to provide cover for business as usual.

Unfortunately, the current Mayor is part of the problem. He has no plan to back his empty rhetoric on pet overpopulation and no commitment to humane policies. Shortly after taking office, he fired a respected department general manager and replaced him with a previously-fired department staffer who failed to improve department operations. He announced a "no kill" goal in September 2003, and a year-and-a-half later, no plan has been unveiled. When his hand-picked general manager resigned under fire in 2004, he masterminded a clumsy replacement process that inflamed the humane community and resulted in the hiring of a career government administrator with no previous experience on animal issues. This Mayor has lost the confidence of animal lovers in Los Angeles.

The Villaraigosa Plan

Real Accountability at the Department of Animal Services: I will demand better performance and real accountability from the Department of Animal Services and the Board of Animal Services Commissioners. It is essential that we reform and strengthen the Department of Animal Services so the department can better provide facilities, train staff, enforce laws to reduce overpopulation, meet service needs and be more customer-friendly. I will appoint knowledgeable problem-solvers to the Board of Animal Services Commissioners to provide the Department with guidance in developing and implementing humane management policies.

Reduce Animal Over-Population: I will make the battle against animal over-population a priority.

I will hold the new general manager accountable for creating a legitimate plan to reduce euthanasia and make real progress to involve the humane community as partners with the department.

I will insist that mobile spay/neuter and adoption programs be made more available and affordable to the communities of Los Angeles.

I will call on the department to make public spay/neuter services available in its new shelters.
Create Animal Friendly Shelters: I will make L.A. Animal Shelters friendly to animals and people.

I will insist that Animal Services make its shelters service centers for adoption and rescue referrals.

I will call on the department to adopt policies to discourage the voluntary surrender of companion animals when viable alternatives exist.

I will insist that the department fully train and utilize volunteers to improve care of shelter animals and counsel the public on animal surrender and adoption issues.
Create Public/Private Partnerships: I will create more public/private partnerships between the Department of Animal Services, the humane community and private sector to address needs such as rescue, free spay/neuter services and mobile spay/neuter and adoption programs.

I believe the best way to enhance the capacity of Animal Services is to make it a "humane community-friendly" operation that the public will want to help and support. In 2004 I sponsored the ordinance to streamline the process for donating funds and larger quantities of pet food to the Department for distribution to companion animal adopters. I will encourage the department to seek the assistance of the animal activist community to support humane activities and policies.

Build More Dog Parks: I will encourage the creation of more dog parks. As a City Councilmember, I have worked hard to make northeast L.A.'s first dog park a reality. I support the creation of more dog parks, including at least one dog beach in the L.A. area, and will ask that proposed new locations go through a community process to seek consensus on siting and design to build support.

Educate, Educate, Educate: I will push for humane education in schools and communities to teach children and adults about animals and to reduce animal cruelty.

I believe that the humane treatment of animals should be taught to children in the home and classroom. I will call on Animal Services to work with local schools to make humane education a regular part of the curriculum and to reach out to community groups, senior centers and others.

Enforce Animal Abuse Laws: I will enforce laws that discourage animal abuse and pet overpopulation. By working with the Department of Animal Services and the City Attorney, we can step up enforcement of the City's breeding ordinance and crack down on the sale of animals bred by unlicensed breeders. I will call on LAPD to form an animal abuse task force to vigorously enforce laws against dog fighting and other abuse that so often is a precursor to crimes against humans.

A More Humane Zoo: I will demand better conditions and treatment for animals at the Los Angeles Zoo. As a member of the Los Angeles City Council I have pushed the Los Angeles Zoo to improve facilities and treatment for its elephants, and I called on management to ensure completion of bondfunded improvements on time and on budget. I understand that zoos may not be appropriate homes for certain wild animals and will work with zoo management to make those tough decisions.

The Villaraigosa Record on Animals

I'm proud of the work I've done for animals in my first 18 months as a Councilmember and previously as a member of the California State Assembly:

Authored an ordinance to allow larger donations of funds and in-kind goods to the Animal Welfare Trust Fund.

Worked with the L.A. Zoo to improve treatment of its elephant herd.

Worked to open northeast L.A.'s first dog park.

Assigned staff to work with the humane community and Animal Services to improve relations and solve problems.

Actively supported adoption of L.A.'s spay/neuter and breeder licensing ordinances.

Supported Proposition F to fund construction of modern new animal shelters.

Voted for the "Hayden bill" to improve the humane treatment and adoptability of shelter animals.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. This is his "vision for LA." Again, he's totally failed. He's worse than Hahn.

My Vision for LA
Los Angeles has always been a city of big dreams and bold possibilities. The men and women who helped build a dusty, desert town into our great city were never satisfied with the status quo. They understood that progress depends on people who see what can be rather than what merely is -- and who are willing to work to make it happen.

The great leaders of our past were not content to be caretakers.

The Mayor of Los Angeles must have a vision for the future and a plan for getting us there.

Unfortunately, from rising gang crime to struggling schools, Mayor Hahn has been either unwilling or unable to tackle the big issues of the day.

Now city government is paralyzed by the corruption scandals and politics-as-usual coming out of City Hall.

While the Mayor and his Administration fend off multiple investigations into their dealings with wealthy contributors, the people pay the price.

From crime to education and from transportation to our economy, our city faces major challenges that demand attention and require action.

I love this city too much to see its progress stalled by scandal and ineffectiveness.

We need a leader who is not only competent, but can also inspire. A leader who will earn -- and keep -- the people's trust. A leader who will set goals worthy of our great city -- and then work everyday to achieve them.

That is why I am running for Mayor. I ask for your support.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Anonymous said...

More crap. Antonio cleaned out Hahn's guy and just appointed his own personal friends. Commissioners are appointed based on color, sex, where they live, not based on ability. Reading his campaign promises is sickening. Look, he'll hold his department heads responsible. He'll make sure they're ethical. Hello? Ed Boks ethical? responsible? I don't think so.

Plan for Cleaning House at City Hall
�We could have put 150 more police officers on the streets of Los Angeles with the $15 million Jim Hahn paid to Fleishman-Hillard. We must understand that ethical lapses are not victimless crimes. They have real consequences for the people of our city. It is time that the Mayor of Los Angeles take responsibility and stop making excuses. I will demand clean government from my very first day in office.�

-- Antonio Villaraigosa

Sign Antonio's Ethics Petition!
Download a copy of the ethics pledge, signed by Antonio
Read the press release announcing Antonio's ethics plan
It is a sad day when the federal government is investigating City Hall from top to bottom. The pay-to-play scandals have eroded the public trust in our government. They confirm our worst fears that government is rigged for insiders and that politicians hand out favors to their contributors.

Things I Will Do My First Day in Office: Let�s be clear about one thing: Honesty and ethics in City Hall start at the top. They start with the Mayor. The mayor sets the tone at City Hall through his own conduct and by appointing honest and ethical commissioners and department heads.

My pledge to the people of Los Angeles: On my first day, I pledge that:

I will remove lobbyists from all city boards and commissions.

I will take personal responsibility for all my actions and the actions of my deputy mayors.

I will appoint deputy mayors based on knowledge, experience and integrity.

I will put an end to the practice of making important commission decisions behind closed doors. I will insist that these decisions be made in open, public meetings.

I will forbid commissioners from meeting in private with bidders for city contracts. If contractors have complaints, I will require that they show up at commission meetings and make those complaints in full view of the public.

I will make commission appointments based on the person�s knowledge, experience and integrity.

I will require my commissioners to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

I will require my department heads to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

I will require my commissions and boards to hold regular meetings during evening hours and in different areas of the city, so working people can attend.

I will be open and accessible to members of the public in every community.

I will promptly respond to all requests from concerned citizens, Neighborhood Councils and the City Council.

I will appear before the City Council on a regular basis to take questions and discuss city policy.
I invite Jim Hahn and all the mayoral candidates to sign this pledge so that no matter who takes office in July, integrity can be restored to Los Angeles city government.

Making Our Ethics Laws Tougher: Jim Hahn has allowed his administration to become paralyzed by scandal and corruption. With the FBI, U.S. Attorney, District Attorney and Ethics Commission all investigating corruption in the Mayor�s administration, now is the time for real change and meaningful ethics reform.

In a sad attempt to deflect attention from these investigations, the Mayor has proposed a so-called �comprehensive� ethics reform package. But Hahn�s proposal would do little to actually fix the problems. In my view, if a reform plan does not stop the many ethics abuses of the Hahn Administration, then it does not deserve to be called a reform plan.

I have a number of proposals to close loopholes in our ethics laws. If I am elected mayor I will:

Require �Independent Expenditure� Committees to File In Advance � I will pass a law to require �independent expenditure� committees to file a notice telling the public how much they intend to spend and who they are spending the money for or against. Just like millionaires are required to say how much of their own money they will spend in a campaign 30 days before the election, we will require independent expenditure committees to notify the public 30 days before an election if they intend to participate and to disclose how much they intend to spend. This will eliminate last minute negative mailers and other unethical campaign practices designed to go out so close to an election that a candidate cannot respond, and the public has no time to assess the interests of the contributor.

Stop �Independent Expenditures� from Lifting the Spending Cap � Under present law, when independent expenditure committees spend $200,000 or more on behalf of a candidate, the overall expenditure cap is completely lifted. Under my proposal, the cap would only be raised to the amount of the independent expenditure.

Stop Campaigns from Double Dipping with �Independent Expenditures� � I will pass a law that prohibits officeholders from getting a double benefit from �independent expenditures.� Today, candidates benefiting from �IE�s� are also able to benefit when the campaign limits are lifted. They get to double dip at the expense of the other candidates. Under my proposal, the candidates not benefiting from the �IE� will have their expenditure caps lifted to the amount spent on behalf of the candidate who has benefited. The candidates benefiting from the �IE� will not be allowed to raise this extra money.

Mandatory Department Reporting of No-Bid Contracts � I will require all departments to disclose all no-bid contracts on their websites and the City�s contractor database. Departments will also have to disclose all no-bid contract amendments and extensions.

No-Bid Contract Contribution Ban � I will pass a law to ban contributors from receiving no-bid contracts, contract amendments and contract extensions. This will eliminate the incentive for companies with contracts to �pay-to-play.�

Require Campaign Contributors to Report City Contracts � I will require any individual or company with a city contract to report that contract when they make a contribution to a campaign. This information will appear on campaign reports.

Anonymous said...

I never realized that Antonio lied in his campaign promises. The city wasn't killing 44,000 animals a year under Hahn. It was killing around 22,000. Greenwalt did indeed write a nokill plan. The Mayor just didn't release it to anyone. Lots of other mistakes.

I like the part where the Mayor promises to respond to people. He won't give anyone the time of day unless they have a lot of money and/or foie gras.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but is poster #2 on crack?

I'm sure if you watch Anthony Bourdain you will also discover that veal producers "love" their calves. Chicken farmers "just adore" their battery-caged hens, as well as all the unwanted male chicks who get tossed, alive, into grinders, or just thrown (again, alive) into the trash. Anthony Bourdain makes his big fat paycheck, as does virtually everyone on the Food Network, and the Food industry, walking all way to the bank on the dead bodies of animals we DON'T have to eat.

Yeah, all the pictures are wrong and geese and ducks love having tubes shoved down their throats. Happens all the time in nature.

God, is there ANYTHING you won't believe simply because your appetites are stronger than your morals?

Anonymous said...

Any politician who would turn one animal group against another to gain ? with termed out voted out Levine, old actors and people from outside his city deserves all the bad publicity that his lies and love of foie gras brings him. Hmmm and he downs a bottle of wine at lunch, how much alcohol in that wine........... but then maybe that is how people are able to get him to support them and ruin this city........... how many other council members support themselves in this manner?